Saturday, April 14

I'm an aging hippie. Sue me.


  1. Ohh, pretty. Back when people getting airplay had more talent than you could shake a stick at. *sigh*

    (I'm nostalgic for times that existed before I was born... that can't be good.)

  2. What ever happened to Judy Collins anyway?

  3. Nice to see Judy and Pete singing together. Thanks for the pick me up!

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM

    "Both Sides Now" was my first favorite song, ever. I think I was five.

  5. Wow! Even I was extremely young when this was made. I'd forgotten how beautiful Judy Collins was in body and voice. Thanks B.G.!

    This was so long ago that we could dream our generation was going to change the world.

  6. I saw her in concert in the '70s... she was awesome.

    QuakerDave... you can use the Google and find out about her now... for a while it was pretty sad... her son committed suicide :( :( :(.

    For me it will always be, Send in the Clowns.

    Gawd, I hate clowns.

  7. Yay Judy! People who love Judy Collins and similar angel-voice folk chanteuses should check out Steeleye Span, featuring the incredible Maddy Prior. I'm actually tempted to put Steeleye up on my blog!


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