Thursday, April 12

Memo to Markos:

Congratulations! In a single post you've managed to piss off:

Shakespeare's Sister

not to mention Feministing.

Update: Skippy, always the gentleman, has a nice digest of women bloggers' response to Kos.

Aw jeez, Kos, not only do you have the awesome burden of being president-for-life of the internet's most rowdy frat house, now you've got a buncha uppity dames riding your ass. Sucha pain, especially during that time o'the month. Lucky you, I found out about this on the exact one day out of each 28 that I would be happy to kill everyone in the whole fucking universe.

That's not a threat, though, Markos honey. Don't sweat it.

h/t to one of the blogosphere's most perceptive and sensitive guys. He knows who he is and many of you probably do, too.


  1. Whenever I'm not sure what to think about something, I read what Lindsay
    at Majikthise has to say about it.

    She also addressed that Kos post.

  2. I left a longer comment at Shakes. There's such a difference between a nasty e-mail and a threat of violence or death. After we've all been talking about Imus, why is it so hard to grasp that even if people will be misogynist, racist or hateful, that's not something we should meet with, "No big deal!"

  3. For so many reasons I can't reason with the man or his post.

    But typing "Markos doesn't get it" interferes with my self-image as a creative person.

    I'd like to think I could do better than that, but seriously, this time of the month, I'd rather be a bloody pirate and just slash 'im to ribbons.

    But he'll just brush that off, ya know.

  4. Anonymous7:01 AM


    Missed your Blog Against Theocracy this year. I'll put in on my calendar for next year.


  5. i didn't say anything til now, because honestly, i was speechless over this.
    the attitude of some people, in 2007 yet, wow!

  6. Agree with point about the difference in a nasty comment and an effing death threat! Jeez.

    Some people.

  7. I never was much of a Kos fan, now he's saying death threats are no big deal just two days after censoring Ben Heine. So in Kos's mind, political cartoon=BAD, while death threats=NO BIGGIE. WTF?

  8. It's so sad, you can only laugh. Kurt Vonnegut come back!!!!


  9. Markos wrote, "Look, if you blog, and blog about controversial shit, you'll get idiotic emails."

    I don't think he's ever read Sierra before. She doesn't blog about controversial shit. She's a marketer who writes about the relationship with the customer.

    And she's damned good at it too.

  10. she doesnt' blog about controversial shit. she's a techie. she blogs about making web sites more user friendly. that's controversial?

    but to markos, being female and having issues about being female is "controversial."

    he's a jerk and a half. and, batocchio, as i said about the defenders of imus, saying that we shouldn't clean up one place because some other places are dirty is a damn good way to never get anything done.

    gee, that sounded more relevant in my head. oh well.

    hey blue gal, i agree w/you about markos but i still really did those panty pics you keep putting on your blog, so i am i a feminist or a sexist?

  11. At this point I'd usually write about how ineffective the Daily Kos has been for using their huge readership to create change, and how it's a site for part-time liberals who'd rather be supported than enlightened. However, as a liberal blogger myself, my legs would probably be broken for speaking out against the chosen one. All hail Kos.

  12. Must be nice, being a person who's managed to go through life without ever being bullied, threatened, or on the receiving end of a death threat.

    As someone who has (all three), I can tell you it's NO fun. I grew up in a house with a sister who was threatened by a former boyfriend. That house was torched and burned to the ground. My sister was home at the time and managed to get out because a barking dog woke her up from a nap.

    That's a true story.

    Whenever I hear some numbskull all-too-easily dismissing and brushing off threats made against other people, I get a very sickly stench in my nostrils. Of burnt wood and plastic and memories.

  13. thx 4 the link, blue gal! tho i must make this caveat: i also quote chris clarke of creek running north, who is most definitely not a woman.

  14. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Still, I agree with his initial statement: "Calls for a "blogger code of conduct" are stupid". And contrary to what most comments here are saying, I'm sure he has had his share of threatening/nasty emails. Funny how some here so called liberals are so ready to judge and show intolerance (definite traits of conservatives.)

    If I remember right Blue Gal did some diary roundups or something or other over there. I read Kos daily and while I may pick and choose among the subjects that I find interesting, I do rely on the information being disseminated there. Between him, FDL and HuffPost, I feel we liberals have a fighting chance. Used to include Blue Gal and her commenter's in that list. Sorry, not anymore... removing this site from my RSS feed.


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