Sunday, April 8

Had a visit Easter Morning?

...or did I just imagine it?

Morning, Blue Gal.

Huh? Oh. Hi....Tom? Sorry, Mister Jefferson? Mister President?

Tom's fine. You got coffee?

Yeah, Starbucks. Ethiopia Sidamo. How do you take it?

Little sugar. No cream.

Tom I am so blogging this.

S'why I'm here.

And can I joke about you like your coffee like you like your...



Rather you didn't.

'Kay. You redheads sure can blush.

So the blogswarm's going well, huh?

Is THAT why you're here?

We don't have Statcounter where I am, hon. Deity doesn't think it matters.

It doesn't.

Says you and Deity. I'm a politician and an architect. Measurement matters.

Yes, sir. Over ten thousand hits to the BAT site in the past three days. I've got two hundred unread emails in my box waiting for posting. I don't know how I'm gonna do it.

You'll do it.

Yeah. Hey, Tom. It's your birthday this Friday. What do you want?

(sighs deeply) What I've always wanted.

I'll do my best. There's a lot of bloggers helping. Lots of Americans have your back. And a surprising number of us really, really get it.

I know.

A BIG THANKS to the blogswarm participants. I'm posting links as fast as I can.


  1. More of a Dunkin' Donuts coffee guy myself.

    Nice job with the swarm. Tom'd be proud.

  2. Madam Secretary (BG)...

    One last shot over the bow! (Bring your tissues...)

  3. By the way I enjoyed your dialogue... The off-color (pun intended) joke not withstanding.

  4. Just a quiet round of applause from way up in WA... ...I agree. You've done good.

  5. A most excellent job ... on this, and the entire blogswarm. Thanks for making it happen!


  6. You're doing a hell of a job, BG. I'm kind of glad you're not completely caught up, because I haven't had a chance to write anything yet. And don't forget -- Easter weekend hasn't come yet if you happen to be Russian.

    By the way, get yourself some Peete's. They don't try to steal trademarks from Ethiopians.

  7. Thanks again for spending so much of your weekend on this! I'm slowly making my way through all the links.

  8. I have actually had a past post about Tom on my blog, maybe I'll recycle it on Thursday. Friday is for dogblogging, and I missed last Friday for more important issues.


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