Wednesday, April 18

Gotta have some faith in the sound....

Warning: faith post.

I'm re-posting this ol'pre-election youtube because we're all having a bad week.

First, the hydra-head of Scalia-Thomas-Alito rises at long last.

And Tengrain, bless him, sent me this lovely image, illustrating Jesus as being for hatred of homosexuals in Texas.

Didn't our Lord rendevous with other guys at the beach? And ask one of them three times if this guy loved him? It's a nice Bible story, actually. Don't think I'm denegrating scripture here. I'm not saying Jesus was gay, shut up. But it doesn't sound like he worried too much if people might think he or any of his friends were queer. Just saying.

All Things Work Together For Good, they say. I feel that way today.

And anyone who desires good for the Republican Party is peeing their pants today. This court decision is a nail in the coffin of the "permanent Republican majority."

Have faith.

Trust me. Karl Rove is not happy today. Not. His super secret polls tell him this. is. bad.

Have faith.

And the homophobia thing. I just shake my head. Demography is against them. Big time. Young people in this country have too many gay friends to worry about sexual preference orientation (thanks b). And time after time we find that

* when a family member comes out,

* a neighbor may be gay but "seems nice, came to the block party last week and was okay"

well guess what? Attitudes, even attitudes that seemed entrenched, change. Dramatically. Add a human face, and love can replace the hate.

Have faith.

Here I was volunteering for my son's school in the copy room with a buncha Alabama Baptist moms, none of them with more than a couple years of college at most, trust me I can tell. Talking about church. There's a TV in the copy room and all of a sudden Ellen comes on.

"Oh I just love Ellen!" coos the blondest of them.

I could have shaken her. Does she go to a church that preaches that homosexuality is evil, that Jesus considers homosexuality a sin? Does she know that Ellen is a lesbian!?!

Blondie. Doesn't. Care. Add a human face, especially a cute comedienne's face with a sense of humor, and love replaces the hate. Took a lot of work, didn't it, Ellen? And now even American Fucking Express doesn't care. Thanks.

Yes, there are murders, beatings, awful hate crimes, and we MUST denounce them and we MUST fight them and we MUST START NOW. This cancer of hatred is being "exhalted" so it can be eliminated. Remember, hatred is just fear in disguise, and ignorance of what human beings are, what they "should" be, fear of "teh gay", within our national consciousness, has an honest-to-GOD expire date on it which gets closer every day. (And that's what scares them most of all.)

Hate the sin of homophobia. Love the sinner. (Yeah, turn that fundie saw on its head.)

And unmask that hate as fear whenever you can. Tell that so-called enemy: Be. Not. Afraid.

Have faith.

UPDATE: Shakes reminds us that today is the LBGT community's Day of Silence, and says what I said better than how I said it. (What did I just say?)

The people who still make life hard for LGBTQ teens are dinosaurs, and one day they will be extinct—and we will collect their bones and put them in a museum and tell our grandchildren about the freaks who once thought that the LGBT community didn’t deserve to be our equals. Our grandchildren will laugh and shake their heads, and we will remember bitterly when there was a time people had to be silent to make some noise.


  1. And we must fight homophobia with all our resources but I am glad that attitudes are changing for the better.

    Regarding the Supreme Court decision, I am deeply troubled that Roe v. Wade has been whittled away yet again. I'm not surprised, but I am discouraged.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog. Nice post, enjoyed the video.

    Hopefully the Dems give Karl another math lesson in 2008.


  3. I wish I could agree that this Court decision is a blow to Rethuglicans. I think the lapdogs in the Corporate Media have already done enough negative spinning on this whole "partial birth" thing that most Americans will give it a "Yawn: who won on 'Idol'last night?" response.

    I wanna believe it, BG, but I'm grumpy today.

    As far as homophobes are concerned, I always look for the Light in everyone, but we had a raving homo-hater elected to our school board last night. We're stuck with him now for two years. I want to love the sinner, but this one's going to be HARD...

  4. loved the video. sent it on to my daughter and others.


  5. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Ditto, Sherry. And QD, hang tough. Haters stand alone soon enough when their message is met with reasonableness. Maybe after enough X-to-1 votes he'll quit in disgust or something (sounds like reform would be a bit much to hope for.)

    Blue Gal, as usual, you rrrawk! Forwarded the Vid and was heartened by your words. And God knows I was needing to get my heart on!

  6. I don't know if this is truly a nail in the coffin. I'm just terrified that this slippery slope will lead us to the return of back alley abortions. There are other factors that will lead to the demise of movement conservatism. These factors include: American disillusion with GOP policies, the overreaching of the nutcase right, market saturation of right-wing voices in the media, dissension within the ranks, constant flip-flopping, and the GOP's increasing denial that its policies don't work and aren't popular.

    Our only hope will be to elect some more Democrats to national office. You know, if we'd DONE THIS in 2004, we wouldn't have Scalito and Roberts. But what's done is done. I truly believe that liberalism is resurging and a political re-alignment is taking place. But we need to plan for 2008 and the years to come so we finally can have the court we want and deserve.

    BTW, Blue Gal, y'all are on my blogroll. Just wanted to let you know. I even put Steeleye Span there. If you like Judy Collins, you might like Steeleye.

  7. Anonymous12:39 AM;jsessionid=EA4B8DCB48AC539C30328CA152386474?diaryId=1354
    Let's do that "I'm a lover, not a fighter " routine.

  8. BG this is yet another excellent post and I would like to be optimistic, but like QD I'm feeling a little grumpy today.

    What set me off was a simple phrase in an email message from a feminist organization that basically said this should be a "wake-up" call for American women. I agree with everything this group says, except for that one sentence ... because I think the wake-up call came in 2001, when GWB took the oath of office. And I think the snooze alarm has gone off twice, with the confirmations of Roberts and Alito. To me this is more than a wake-up call ... it's the wake-up wrecking ball smashing the alarm clock to smithereens. (It's 1:37 am here, so I hope that makes sense.)

    As I mentioned on my blog, from now on we are going to have to vote as if our lives depended on it ... because they do.


  9. Oooh, Steeleye Span. Excellent band.

    I mostly have faith that overt discrimination against homosexuals will one day become a moot point, mainly because of the young people for whom it becomes more and more normal as they have friends who are out, as they see characters on TV and it's NO BIG DEAL. My daughter has HS friends who are out, who walk around their very large urban high school hand in hand w/o harassment. (I was watching some second run stupid sitcom after school one day, where the father comes out to his adult children.)

    Another thing: The Laramie Project is one of the most widely produced dramas in high school theaters.

    Faith and hard work.

  10. thanks BG. i really needed this.


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