Saturday, April 7

Quick time out for a bit of gossip.

...which he says is not privileged information so I'm going to blab.

Many of you know Mike Finnegan of the blog round-up at Crooks and Liars. Mike plays Hammond organ as a professional musician when he's not being the most wonderful man in the blogosphere.

Just wanted you all to know he landed a gig touring with Joe Cocker this summer. Europe, baby.

If you want to send him a congrats (and probably ought to show subject as "congrats on the Joe Cocker gig" or something because he gets a gobzillion emails per day) his email is

Love you, Mike honey. (And a big thanks for all the support for Blog Against Theocracy).


  1. i sent an e-mail.
    i got the joe cocker anthology for my birthday.
    i asked my daughter for it. took some time for her to find and order it.
    so i envy the hell out of anyone getting to play in the band.

    a happy easter to you and yours!

  2. Anonymous2:20 AM

    You're a peach!

  3. Long time lurker, first time poster... because of you my post of April 8, 2007 on my blog was dedicated to the separation of church and state.

    My fans will hate me, but maybe I educated a couple of them in my own way.


  4. Many congrats to Mike!! Love JC (uhh...that would be Joe Cocker, hehe) Hope it's okay to post a quik prop for Brat here, since commenting at her place would require me to open an acct.
    Delete as you will, darling! It is indeed your blog, your opinion and your religion!
    I just had to drop a brief *bravo*. I followed your comment from BlueGal and wanted to commend your courage and integrity in addressing this issue in your blog on this day. Well done!
    Thorne from
    Thornes World BLOG

  5. OMG the Man himself showed up here.

    Breathe, Blue Gal, Breathe.

    Bratfink I loved your post. Added it to the BAT blogswarm website.

    Keep the faith, baby.

  6. Thanks for your kind words, BG.

    I'll try not to get my panties in a bunch...

    [God, I crack me up.]



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