Saturday, April 21

Okay, everybody needs to go read Glenn Greenwald.

The Feds know what pills you take.

Hat tip? Heh. I lean on Lambert at Corrente.

And thanks, DS, for everything.



  1. If a federal medication database alarms your right-to-privacy warning system, just read about Echelon...and this is OLD news:

    "Everywhere in the world, every day, people's phone calls, emails and faxes are monitored by Echelon, a secret government surveillance network. No, it's not fiction straight out of George Orwell's 1984. It's reality, says former spy Mike Frost in an interview broadcast on 60 Minutes"

    60 Minutes story on Echelon.

  2. Yeah... my daughter was an MA when this part of the Patriot Act became actual legislation instead of just one more of our "illusions" of privacy. It's also the exact same time that the pharmacies began making you stand behind the yellow line (for client privacy) and requiring your driver's license to pick up your scrips. If you cared to read the several pages that were usually behind the counter, instead of just the lil one page they (both Dr. and pharmacy) wanted you to sign, you could get the whole story. Unfortunately, most folks just thought it was bureaucratic bullshit and didn't bother, or didn't know, that there was alot more too it.

  3. This was out there on WEDNESDAY??? I haven't been up on my Greenwald (who is usually a mainstay of my reading life).

    This makes me want to, ummm, scream. SCREAM. Scream.

  4. This is over the top ... Yikes!


  5. Anonymous10:07 PM

    We're, how do I put this politely...

    ...Oh yeah, fucked!

  6. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Liberals are complete retards and anyone who believes their crap is pretty stupid too. They disrespect our troops and are unamerican!

    Liberalism- Abandon the search for the truth settle for a good fantasy.


    You are eiether RIGHT or WRONG!

  7. Someone clearly forgot their meds today ... Homeland Security, take note.


  8. I like the label, but I bet it gets overused pretty quick. I label over half my posts Lying GOP Bastards. They justify it too, day after day.

    Greenwald should indeed be a mainstay of any serious blogger's reading day, Shunra. I much prefer when he is blogging about legal issues, where he is unsurpassed. Lately (for some months now actually) he's gotten himself involved in critiquing the lies emanating from the swamps of Lower Right Blogistan, which I think is a waste of talent.


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