Tuesday, April 17

The chat thing WORKED.

We had a GREAT "Blue Gal's Salon" yesterday over at Skype. The thing really works.

Want to clarify something. IMPORTANT:

You do not need a headset or any special "Skype" equipment to participate at Blue Gal's Salon. If you are reading this blog via a high-speed connection, you have all you need to participate. You will need to download Skype, but that's it. It's not even writing, it's just typing! (Truman Capote would love chat. Love it.)

As far as my participation is concerned, I'll be there at least part of the day on Monday. I may need to set a specific time so anyone who wants to chat with me can do so, but hey, the chat went on lively and fine without me when I was picking up the girls from school, so that's fine. The chatroom is always open, so you can drop in anytime, but I'll be there for sure on and off on Mondays.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the bloggers who were there yesterday (in alphabetical order)

The Aristocrats (Mark H)
God is 4 Suckers (1)
Jesus General (2)
Jewish Atheist
Largest Minority
Mock Paper Scissors (3)
Neural Gourmet
Quaker Agitator

(1) who, by the way, is really askin' for a visit from Donohue with this post.

(2) yes, it was just like Tom Jones walked into the room. Panties and hotel room keys were being tossed at him from every corner. (My apologies, General Sir. Wouldn't want you to think of me as French, except in the undergarment department.)

(3) sorry I missed you, west coast.


  1. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I'm sorry I missed it! I'll try to be there next Monday.

    Will you send me a reminder? You know what I'm like. ;-)

  2. As a non-blogger (at least for now) I was going to say that i thought this went really well when I was on last night. I wanted to let you know this and since you posted this it is the perfect forum for me to say so. I also have to say that it was a bit of a star struck moment for me last night talking to you.

  3. Josh, you're joshing me. :-)

    Josh has very good taste in blogs, not just because he reads this one, but he also picked out Quaker Agitator and Shakes as his main blogs to read. Josh, add C&L to the mix, at least occasionally check out the blogs at this sidebar, and you're home, James.

  4. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Uncle, UNCLE!! ...or is it Auntie? Gal O' Blue, you prescient vixen you, ya got me! I'm having too much fun swapping cerebral spittle to resist. I WANNA PLAY, TOO!

    Can you recommend a good free blogging platform (if that's what you call it; remember, I just learned how to italicize!!!, so simple would be good, with room to grow.)

    I just can't seem to drop by here without giggling or crying, or both! And your linky-sphere is blogtastic, I'm getting a flat ass from sittin' in this chair ;)

    Geez, you're a veritable font of inspiration: "Flat Ass in a Round World" anyone?

  5. Congrats! I'm west coast, too. I'll try to make one of these...


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