Sunday, April 15

I get it.

National Day of Reason
is a counter-movement to the rather silly if you ask me "National Day of Prayer" that Congress and the White House use to suck up to the constituency that is comforted by such nonsense. If you pray daily this kind of political fellating makes little difference, and if you don't, the National Day of Prayer "reminder" is jingoism, pure and simple.

The Reason movement seems much more geared toward atheists and humanists than the First Freedom First umbrella, which I think is trying really hard (and at least sometimes succeeding) to get all of us, believers or not, working together in favor of First Amendment rights. That's no biggie, God knows (oops, sorry) that there are plenty of believer-only tents out there, which, of course, is part of the problem.

It's hilarious that The National Day of Reason people asked George W. Bush to proclaim a day of reason in 2003, and apparently haven't asked him since.

Yeah, I woulda given up, too.


Related News: I'm putting final (at least for this year) stuff up this afternoon at the Blog Against Theocracy website. If you contributed a post to BAT, and your blog has NO link at the site, please email me at bluegalsblog AT gmail DOT com. I didn't have time to link each blogger more than once.

This afternoon there will be a badge at the site that you can use at your own blog to show that you participated, as well as ways you can keep helping the cause of separation of church and state. I can't tell you how impressive you bloggers are. I've read almost every post, and there is so much intelligence... Thank you.


  1. It seems kind of funny, and sad, to need a special day set aside for reason. Kind of like having a National Day of Breathing, or a National Day of Not Whacking Yourself on the Head with a Mallet.

  2. If human beings were inherently reasonable people, then there'd be no need for such commemoration.

    Reason is something we all believe we possess but tend to lose when we get swept away in a herd mentality of accusations and counter-charges.

    You can insert whatever example comes to mind starting from the beginning of when human crawled out of the slime until now.

  3. Well..I've already got me post up for the Blog Against Theocracy - BUT as both a National Day of Reason post (and something I've been meaning to get to about Social/Political development) and as a follow-up to the Markos flap give this one a read through.

    And tell me what ya think! :-)

  4. Did the badge and the linky to the BAT site.

    As for the other thing, nuh-uh. The "reason" folks won't really want a delusional religionist such as me participating, I'm sure. As dopey as the "National Day of Prayer" is (and it ISN'T about prayer: it's about Dominionism), this is maybe as bad.


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