Sunday, April 1

It's National Poetry Month

the current image on my desktop

The Poetry Man has been doing a lot for Blog Against Theocracy. Thanks, PM. Never too early or too often.

And happy National Poetry Month to Sherry at After the Bridge, and the rest of you poetry bloggers out there. If you have a favorite poetry blog, leave the url in comments. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous3:28 PM

    So many to chose from!

    The people that started it all, of course, celebrate over at:

    But there are lots of poetry sympathizers out there, so we should be seeing a bloom of poetry happenings in the blogosphere not unlike those wonderful flowers you posted.

  2. Thank you for the mention my friend.


  3. I'll be posting poems all month. Maybe even my own!

  4. thanks, yes it's national poetry month.

    check out my group at

    thanks. : )

    and qd, yes, post your poems, please?

    send me a few and i'll put them on my blog if you like.


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