Monday, April 23

BREAKING: Blogger to testify before
U.S. House Committee

PLEASE NOTE: Cap'n Dyke has been advised by counsel I believe, to take down the post at her blog. I've opened up comments here so you can show your support.

Sorry Cap'n, I guess it's just not my turn to be a good girl today. Kiss the attorneys for me.

Doug did this one, isn't it awesome?

Blogger Captain Dyke has been selected to testify before the House committee on Education and Labor this Tuesday. The hearing is entitled 'Strengthening the Middle Class: Ensuring Equal Pay for Women'. It's the tied-in with the gender discrimination class action against Wal-Mart.

The Captain may or may not testify, depending on the committee schedule. But she's there and she's got a case.

Captain Dyke and her co-testifier, Dee, were fired within hours of Wal-Mart management finding out they were participating in the gender discrimination class action suit against the "Screw women...Always" conglomerate.

I emailed and IM'd Captain Dyke several times yesterday to make sure she wanted to come out as a blogger and connect her blog to the Congressional testimony story. She has agreed to do so.

Amazingly brave woman. I'm still going to try to shield her from google searches on her name and just link to her specific testimony as Cap'n Dyke.

Here are the pertinent links:

Cap'n Dyke's blog
, specifically the post where she indicates she is going to DC to testify. PLEASE leave a comment of support at her site.

Her legal statement. Yeah this has her veritable nomenclature on it but let's stop any future resume checker from google-ing here for a revelation, n'est-ce pas?

I'm hoping there will be C-span coverage of this on Tuesday. I just want to give her all the support I can.

And I know she's not leaving for DC until noonish today.

Feel free to blog this information, and link to the Cap'n Dyke post rather than to anything I'm doing; I will be posting more on this myself, with an additional longer post at Corrente, later this morning. Post at Corrente here. Thanks.

Again, no comments here. Leave 'em at the Captain's.

I should be at the salon by 11 Eastern time. Maybe a little earlier. I'll post.


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