Wednesday, June 6

Your source for cheap plastic faith.

I certainly don't believe in criticizing anyone's religion. But this got me laughing. There are so many Baptist Republican Wal-Mart shoppers down here....

From Ruth Marcus in WaPo:

Indeed, Democrats' best hopes for 2008 and beyond may not be in mobilizing a "religious left," which will inevitably be smaller than its conservative counterpart -- [David] Kuo calls it a "corner grocery" to the right's "Wal-Mart." Rather, the Democrats could make inroads by luring moderate evangelicals and Catholics who once voted Democratic but have drifted away.

Will this work? Think of it as the Democrats' own faith-based initiative.

Excuse me? Corner grocery? Honey, the religious leftitude is an organic farmer's market cooperative with free copies of Utne Reader and Yoga Journal left on the tables so you can get yerself enlightened while drinking your soy latte from the Gandhi mug you brought from home, 'cause you get a nickel off for not using a paper cup.

I mean, guys. I'm attending Quaker meeting these days. The coffee is amazing.

And none of the hippies I'm doing java with think of this "Democratic Presidential Candidates Pray Too" initiative as anything more than another of Rahm Emmanuel's Powerpoint slides.


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I should be a card carrying member of the religious leftitude, but there is a limit.

    I hate soy lattes, Utne is so one sided and the yoga journal is for wimps, but organic farmers markets are to die for.

    I like my liberalism straight up in a dirty glass with a hair in it.

    Lefties should be able to press 300 lbs and plow the north forty before 9 am.

    Conservatives should cross the street instead of meeting a liberal in the same sidewalk.

    We should “Spit fire and crap thunder” (Rocky I)

    The fact that anyone would want to be a latte liberal is an affront to the cause.

    If the Dems in congress would grow a BIG pair, that would be a great first step.

    Thus endeth the morning lesson.

    From a OG posting to the Blue Galileeans

  2. You get a big AMEN from me, Organic George! Woot!

    My coffee? Black.
    My politics? Blue.

    And black and blue for the wimps in congress. Kick their DLC asses.


  3. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I'm not religious, but I am a Republican , I'm "down here", and I shop at Walmart. If Satan has the best prices in town, I'm his man.

  4. Evil Spock spends Evil Spock's Sundays hitting all the favorite breakfast nooks before the churchies come out.

    Oh, and Evil Spock is a big fan of double tall soy lattes, but preferrably from locally owned coffee vendors.

    I can still visit here, right?

  5. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I don't care if someone worships the Dead Guy, a rock, or the man in the moon, and I think Rahm Emmanuel is full of crap.

    It irritates the Bejebus out of me that the democrats are going down this path. It legitimizes the religious right as well as wastes time and resources trying to find evangelical lefties.

    My coffee? Organic, fair traded, served piping hot, and as black and bitter as my heart.



  6. Whoa, hold on a minute! Are you really attending Quaker Meeting? Welcome!

  7. OG's right. Soy lattes are for weenies.

  8. I LIKE lattes, thanks. And yoga is good for you.

    I can't bench press my own weight, which now is about 175, and I don't care a wit that I can't.

    I don't want to hear the Democratic wannabes talk about their "faith." it doesn't interest me. Tell me about ending the war, health care, education, reproductive rights, closing Gitmo, global climate change, and the other stuff we atually do care about. Don't talk to me about "building community." Talk to me about being a LEADER. Or go away.

    And anyone who shops at Wal-Mart is unAmerican. I'm grumpy today. So there.

  9. Oh, yeah, and real coffee, please. Soy curdles my blood. Yuck.

  10. Let's see, what can I add to this thread?

    I get the feeling that Dennis Kucinich drinks soy milk (and isn't he vegan too?) and I love him anyway.

    Doing Yoga is great. Reading about doing yoga in a slick & glossy lifestyle porn magazine? Mmmm ... questionable at best.

    Bench pressing anything? Kind of a waste of time. Slinging stuff around for your job -- be it lumber, sheep manure, kindergartners, middle schoolers -- OK.

    And I have to admit, I drink good strong black tea, with milk and sugar. And I vote independent. And I don't shop at WalMart.

    And I'm really sick of the Washington Dimocrats. Gag me.

  11. Ditto to what QD said above ... well, above the soy comment!

    I think all this talk about faith is a smoke screen to avoid talking about the issues people really care about.

    And I agree with Tengrain that Rahm Emmanuel is "full of crap." In the last election Rahm decided to dump some great women candidates in favor of veterans from Iraq. Hey, I want to give all due respect to Tammy Duckworth for leaving two limbs in Iraq, but by supporting her over a woman who already had name recognition in the district, and who did really well in her last race, IMHO cost the Dems the seat.

    Christine Cegelis is credited with pushing Henry Hyde into early retirement with her run in 2004, where she captured 44% of the vote in a district that was deemed "unwinnable for Democrats."

    Cegelis is a feminist, great on all our issues, and would be a wecomed voice in Congress. Rahm's stupidity is our loss.

    Now that I'm done with my rant ... I'm an iced tea drinker ... coffee, only occassionally.


  12. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to add: I've never been to a WalMart, and I refused to take my born-again GOP brother there when he asked. Get your own ride, Ninegrain!

    I like iced tea, as black as my soul. No sugar. No Cream.



    PS - Quaker Dave Rules!

  13. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Well, Th' Cap'n felt a quiverin' in th'universe. Shoulda figured it be Me BlogMate stirrin' it up!

    Love back on ye, Me BG

  14. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Well, now...I'm with QD, and BG I love your post..brings to mind those early Saturday mornings, and the farmer's market, around the corner and a few blocks from the organic fruit and vegetable store, that has the free community and activist newspapers in front of it, and down the block from Ten Thousand Villages Fair Trade Store, with very good chocolate and coffee for taking home. Yoga...never worked for me, but I get it.

  15. Wouldn't it be refreshing if a candidate just said NADA about religion? Just think. The old concept of separation of church & state might come into play.

  16. hill ... everything old is new again! The concept of separation of church and state is making a comeback. In 2006 it was one of the top 5 issues to NH voters. First Freedom First is working to make it one of the top 5 issues to ALL voters in the 2008 election. You can help by encouraging people to go to the FFF web site,, and sign the petition. (There is a link here, look for the flashing box on the right.) BG is a great supporter of FFF, and with your help we can get others involved as well.


  17. There is nothing wrong with Double Tall Soy Lattes!

  18. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Evil Spock

    Soy milk is full of sugar, oil and stabilizers; not so much for organic moo juice.


  19. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Coffee is for wussies. I prefer an IV of liquid Adderall. After an hour or so, I can eat metal. And for a snack I always have Adderall XR tablets handy, just in case I lose some of my edge.

    Wal-Mart is the place "Creationists" go when they die.

  20. Anonymous7:50 PM

    You are My Queen, Gal O' Blue. And Quaker Dave is my King.

    (...lowest of bows...)


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