Sunday, February 24

...And a warning.

Fox may write the news, but history is written by liberals with PhDs. One need go no further back than, oh, Macedonia for evidence that you'd better not get drunk on power or liquor or your own farking lies because your successor will pee on your grave, dude:

Basil I, called the Macedonian (Greek: Βασίλειος Α΄ο Μακεδών, Basileios I o Makedhon; Armenian: Վասիլ I Մակեդոնացի; c. 811 – August 29, 886) was a Byzantine emperor. He was perceived by Byzantines as one of their greatest emperors, the founder of one the most splendid imperial dynasties of Byzantium, the Macedonians (Greek: Makedonoi), and the initiator of a renaissance of Byzantine art. However, the opinion of modern historians is less flattering as it appears that

many reforms associated with his name (not by accident)

were in reality launched by his predecessor, (who is known as...wait for it...)

Michael III the Drunkard (oh geesh and when did they come up with DAT name),

whom Basil had assassinated. (well, sure).


  1. Oh yeah, that kid (yes, I'm that old) should get a prize. I'd buy him a beer for certain.

  2. I saw this when you posted it on Crooks and Liars. Hilarious!


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