Friday, February 1

Snow in Jordan

Snow In Jordan 21 Jan 2008 - The best home videos are here

It's funny two Saturdays ago there was a storm just like this in Birmingham and people took video of it there and then, too. And it only lasted a couple hours in both spots.

In Ramallah, residents were surprised to see snow when they woke up. For some, it was their first time.

"I'm originally from Gaza where snow never falls," said Bothaina Smairi, 28, who was out in the snow taking pictures. "The white snow is covering the old world and I feel like I am in a new world where everything is white, clean, and beautiful," she said.

"I am just astonished with the snow. When I saw the snow this morning, I felt happy, my heart was laughing," said Mary Zabaro, 17, a student dressed warmly in a red hat and pink scarf.

In Amman, children sledded on inflatable tubes and plastic bowls as snow plows tried to open streets clogged with one foot of snow.

My 5yo daughter here in Alabama put snow in a cereal bowl to "save" it.


  1. I remember talking to you about that as it happened.

    How long did it last? :-)

    When I was a kid, I used to keep snow in the freezer so it would keep. Yes, winter weather in Alabama.

  2. Y'all can have all you want up here...why, we're practically giving it away.


  3. Anonymous9:36 PM

    When my sister was 12 it snowed for the first time in Sarasota, Florida. She was so excited that she ran out to make a snowball and begged her mother to put it in the freezer. Years later when I was visiting, I saw a plastic bag with a hunk of grey ice in it. Yep, it was the snowball more then ten years later. Hasn't snowed since, I believe.

  4. It's beautiful, isn't it? We get plenty of it up here, and it's always miraculous.

    I'm glad your daughter got to experience that.

  5. it's really mad weather: it snows in the south of the US and in the Middle East, while here in London is cold but sunny.

    anyway, I like your blog and just given you a link: visit mine and let me know if you want to reciprocate

  6. Anonymous8:50 PM

    There is a downside. In Afghanistan, 80,000 livestock and 200 people are known dead in the unusually severe winter weather.

  7. One of my best friends is stuck in Iraq again and called me to tell me it was snowing. He said some of the Iraqi's were just mesmerized by it because they had never seen it before.

    Don't tell us that the global climate isn't changing.

  8. i was in jordan 2 weeks ago while it was snowing , it was nice but too bad sickness filled our house !
    friends called and said it was snowing today too. !
    nice blog :)


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