Thursday, February 7


It's not strep, and I paid a 25 dollar copay (not to mention the outrageous monthly check I make to Blue Cross) to be told this by an intern.

I actually think the 25 bucks alone is a good deal. And I don't mind getting swabbed by a kid, either, provided she is competent to read the test results.

Middle class people with upper respiratory stuff should be able to just pay 25 bucks, get a test, get a drug, and get out. But profit for big pharma and big insurance makes it so complicated.

Then the real doc says a lot of her patients have to pay a forty-five dollar copay. Way to go, "insurance." Charge almost as much as a tank of gas to see a doc and health care costs will go down because people won't see a doctor when they're sick.

Don't get me started about lower income people who can't afford Comtrex.

We're seriously fucked up in this country.


  1. You wanna know what's really fucked up, Blue Gal?

    People like me who only have Medicaid, and thus have to go to the ONE medical clinic in town, see whatever doctor is on call, be checked on by medical students from UAB getting college credit, wait in line by priority basis, spent upwards of 2-3 to be seen, and then and only then being treated.

    Doc-in-the-box and most other clinics only take Medicaid as SECONDARY coverage, meaning as backup, not as primary. Sure am glad I haven't been physically sick in a while.

  2. And why is it that we want to be mandated into this crap? Why can't someone just flip off the right wing nut jobs and fillibuster with Sicko on an endless loop until REAL health care reform is passed?

    I'm pretty sure that after five hours of forced Michael Moore, even Bill Frist would be begging for it to be turned off.

  3. Anonymous10:17 PM

    There must be some superbug flying 'round the blogosphere because I'm fighting a "non-strep" cold too. Only I'd rather let my own white blood cells do the fighting than load up with antibiotics. I've had enough of these to know that rest, drinking fluids and, maybe, some cough medicine would get you back on track.

    Feel better BG!

  4. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Spartacus: There is a two-week cold thing going around. Sore throat, congestion, other cold symptoms are pretty strong for a few days, then taper off but linger until the two weeks are up. You have to go through it, no antibiotics for this. Hope you feel better soon. And you too, Blue Gal. I blame this changeable weather. Almost 70 degrees yesterday, going to be in the high twenties by Sunday.

  5. it's been here in pgh for about a month now.

    get beeter soon!

    heathcare sucks!

  6. Ya got that right. Health care around the world is not much poorer than in the US, but is much cheaper.

    Americans are taking it in the a** and they don't complain.

    Such fools.

    At least my copays were only $10.

  7. You're right, it's screwed up.

    Hope you feel better!

  8. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Always enjoy reading your blog, BG. Sorry you're feeling so shitty (the fucked up "health care" system we have doesn't help one feel better). Get well soon!

  9. I feel your pain. I've been sick since Jan 5 ... even went to the Dr, and still not feeling 100% yet. Being sick sucks ...


  10. I hear you....I have had an Upper resp Infection for weeks and a sinus infection...but I don't have I have been living on sudafed and theraflu cocktails ( really good if you mix it with hot TANG)....

    I am an RN without Insurance _ I got dropped...because my family history has a genetic marker for breast cancer...and I have heart issues...yup dropped after I paid them a WHOLE bunch of about using the FUCKED word .....

    We all are in a World of IT....

    because even if people have "health insurance" it is not enough...and they are paying to much...

    What is missing from the discussion is HEALTHCARE......

    okay the grumpy nurse slinks off....

    take care friend...
    read..Hot TANG and TheraFLU- best Cocktail in the world....


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