Monday, February 18

No video blogging today BUT a special salon tonight!

I'm still blogging for one more day from a secure undisclosed location where concerns over NSA handling of classified information governs all. So no video blogging today, as we know all about "Dick Cheney's Catalog of Venetian Blinds".

I'll be on an airplane back from Chicago tonight. (thanks much to Shakespeare's Sister for the partay. And it was great to meetcha too, Driftglass. We're all Spartacus.)

Since I won't be able to skype, tonight's salon will be hosted by Cap'n Dyke with assistance from Comrade Kevin. Here's the link but if you're a regular you should just be able to sign in. Have a wonderful salon and I'll be there next week. xoxo

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  1. maybe you can answer my question about lol cats...

    why cats? and why lol? because i rarely, if ever, lol at these stupid pictures of cats.

    but mainly, why the hell can't these cats spell?


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