Wednesday, February 27

Weird day today

My neighbor's house had a kitchen fire, so our home spent the evening surrounded by loud trucks. What's worse, I got tugged to and fro worrying about the future, which is stupid. Time for a little Ella, who hits every note because she's absolutely sure of them. Look how she stays in the now and has figured out the fun.


  1. I am ever the mmore convinced that Ella Fitzgerald was specifically sent here by God himself on a very specific mission. Her and Louis Armstrong.

  2. Hope that you and your neighbors are fine.

  3. Sarah Vaughn is still my favorite, but I like Ella, too.

    Hope all is well in the neighborhood.

  4. BG, I have often said that I wish life came with a sound track ... so that we could be forewarned before bad (or good) things were about to happen.


  5. Re neighbors it appears a babysitter had a fire on the stove and did the right thing, meaning she panicked, and called 911. May we all have babysitters like that...I'd rather have seven firetrucks for a smoky stove than nothing for a blazing roof.

    Nice opportunity to remind the little Blue Gals about 911 too.

  6. i'd keep her as my babysitter!

    if my kid were small, not soon to be 35!


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