Saturday, February 23

Oh thanks, Skippy honey


Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
, the only blog I know of whose name has passed the lips of Jon Stewart (break a leg at the Oscars Sunday night, Jon honey. And when you're up on that stage, my blog is pronounced Bloo Gal rhymes with pal).

I know these dealios are out there and I've had my share but since it's a chance to share the lurve with ten other bloggers, and since I didn't do the recent "publish your entire blogroll as a post" thingy, (mine's rilly long) this I will do.

The rule is to pass it along to ten (only ten?) other excellent bloggers, and I've tried to choose those who have not been chosen already. And frankly, some of you are so networked that, for instance, I know Zaius is going to choose you anyhow so what's the point of my duplicating? We do live in a rather sapien rich world here amongst the blogs.

Okay ten:

Les Enrages

Threading Water (evil twin)

Figleaf's Real Adult Sex

Cap'n Dyke

Balls and Walnuts


Edicts of Nancy


Hot Chicks with Douchebags

Mercury Rising

They say only if you accept the award then you must pass it on to ten more blogs. That seems to fall nicely under the "no tagging" rule by which I abide. xo


  1. Wow. Thanks, BG. That's a lovely honor.

  2. Blue Gal, I'm honored. Thanks!


  3. I'd do it, but I'm too lazy. :-)

  4. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Gotta say that Hot chicks with Douchebags was worth the click. Thanks!

  5. very good job, blue gal! especially choosing cap'n dyke, whom i somehow managed to overlook.

    and, no, you don't have to limit yourself to 10 blogs, at least i didn't, because i couldn't. there's just so much bloggy goodness out there, and yes, duncan coined that phrase!

  6. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Thanks, doll! I'll continue the meme this morning.

    Hot chicks with douchebags, eh?

  7. Yeah, having received this too, the trick is that other folks have already tagged folks I'd tag, and at some points everyone would be tagged - but link luv is a good thing, so I like the idea.


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