Monday, February 25

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Oh, I guess I'll go on for another few words: The General (who's holding a fundraiser so send some paypal love if you can) has summat to say to her shitbag staff (and yes, Physioprof coined that phrase!)


  1. Years ago, moonbat Ron Paul's newsletters contained some seriously racist garbage, which he disavowed saying that "he" didn't publish HIS newsletter, that "someone else" was "responsible."

    The stuff went out under his letterhead. He was responsible.

    If they work for her, then she's responsible, too.

    As ever, I am convinced that, like her husband, Mrs. Clinton will do exactly what she has accused Obama of doing: borrowing from professional filth-peddlers like Karl Rove, in order to win.

    Mrs. Clinton has plenty of her own merits upon which to run. If she really wants us to believe that she is "competent" and "experienced" and "ready on day one," she needs to stick to that and climb out of the gutter.

    But hey, I'm biased.

  2. It's really a shame how divisive saying that a personal attack is divisive can be... It shames me, as a Democrat leaning independent, that this shit is allowed for her, but even pointing out the hypocrisy of her actions is divisive talk by him.


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