Wednesday, February 13

Is it just me?

Am I the only one who saw this on the grocery store shelf and thought, "OMG, they're trying to serve my kids baby seal meat for breakfast!"

Senator Clinton, my sympathies, really. No one thinks it's over yet. Except Obama won the majority of white men in Virginia. Women in Maryland went for Obama 59-38. Okay. It looks bad. One of your supporters found a silver lining, though. The dearth of primaries (only one, Wisconsin) between now and March 5 means, and yes, this is a cut-and-paste quote from someone who really wants you to win:

Obama's momentum gets stopped without more victories to rack up.

If I were in El Paso, Howard Dean and I would happily buy you a seal-free breakfast.


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Yummm. I like the sugar frosted seals with whale blubber bits myself.

  2. "Hey kids! Join the 'club' for a healthy breakfast!...And inside every box, a nifty prize ocarina made from the jawbone of a real endangered species that blows as suh-weet as a White House press gallery!"


  3. Isn't that the cereal Admiral Akbar was hucking? Something about shrimp?

  4. So are baby seals tasty?

  5. It does look like they are selling baby seals ... oh, nooooooooo


  6. Don't worry. Sen. Clinton will sue to get the delegates she "won" in Michigan and Florida. This isn't over.


  7. While most people recognize that b. HUSSEIN Osama has momentum in his favor as he gains support, somebody actually said: "Obama's momentum gets stopped without more victories to rack up."
    Funny shit, right there.
    Don't be surprised by a Rovian surprise by the Clintons. It's the playbook they have been following all along.

  8. Actually, I was wrong, it's two primaries, altho Hillary would be hard pressed to do much in Hawaii, Obama's home state.

  9. That box reminds me of the old Not Necessarily the News ad for Rhesus Pieces.

  10. Dear Hillary,

    You ran an awful campaign and you lost. Even if you win 60% of the popular vote of Ohio and Texas (not likely), I suppose we here in the United States of America decided that charismatic Progressive Negro fellow was better than a anti-war woman who had this disconcerting habit of using her husband as a surrogate and changing her position when it best suit her politically.

    Do the best thing for the party and concede gracefully. Don't try to seat Michigan and Florida because those delegates, in all fairness, they don't belong to anyone right now and if they do, you certainly don't deserve the majority share. Don't be stubborn and drag this thing out until August and cling to your Super Delegates which are also politicians and know that personal loyalty aside, who wins in November is vastly more important then who they know better or have personal connections with.

    November is a long way away, and I want to focus my attention on John McCain and not the two-headed Clinton beast for once.


    Comrade Kevin.


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