Monday, February 4

Vlog 2/4

Lurleen Wallace - "Let George Do It" Time Magazine article.

Lurleen's wikipedia page.

Hillary Clinton is running as her own candidate and not as Mrs. Bill Clinton. I still think it's important that no one voting think they're getting a twofer, no matter who they are voting for.


  1. Actually, in 1966, George could not succeed himself a first time, according to the Wikipedia page, which fact I had forgotten, but believe is correct.

    Quite possibly the four-year delay in treatment of endometrial carcinoma cost her her life. I think there was a great deal of fatalism regarding cancer back then. I'm guessing that's how George rationalized his actions. But surely he had some notion that her cancer might be curable. Maybe he was ready to be rid of her.

  2. Fascinating! Thanks for that little 'slice of history'. I remember growing up in Florida in the 60s - we loathed Wallace - fortunately, we were raised by liberal Democrats.

  3. Didn't know this. Interesting. Thanks!

  4. Bill Clinton was a great President. Hillary has been a dissapointing Senator IMHO. Her entire tenure seems to have been postulated with an eye towards this presidential election rather than what a Senator from a blue state should be advocating/ voting on.

    We need to pull the national dialog to the left and only Democratic representatives from safe states can do that. She's blown that opportunity.

    Just my .02


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