Wednesday, February 13

Fun with Math!

Without calling them "Ike-ettes" (don't you dare), do the math:

age of backup singer #1 + age of backup singer #2 + age of backup singer #3 (IS LESS THAN) Tina's age.

On their birthdays this year:

Beyonce - 27.
Tina - 69.

Bless her gorgeous legs...It's called being "one hell of a woman" and she does it well.


  1. Tina: please hurt me. Nice and easy or rough, just hurt me.


  2. When I was a cook at the Boston Harbor Hotel, she stayed with us and I got to help her personal chef prepare her dinner. It wasn't that impressive a meal though, Tina likes her steak overcooked, blech.

  3. When I say, 'stayed with us', I meant at the hotel....just wanted to clarify, hehe, kinda sounded like she was crashing on my couch.

  4. "Nice and rough." Dammit, that's our new liberal slogan!

    I read a couple years back that when Tina was playing the Super Bowl all the football players were bashfully coming up for her autograph and she was struck by how young they were - grandkid age. But they knew the real thing.

    Now, these are two talented, gorgeous women, but speaking of legs, Tina, why'd you keep 'em covered? Didn't want to show Beyonce up? ;-)

  5. Yer kidding, 69 ?
    Damn, that lady is looking good!

  6. Tina is HOT!!!


  7. Beyonce is pretty.

    Tina is hot.

    There's a difference.

  8. I work with a Tina look-alike. Tina's a goddess... simply amazing!

  9. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Wow. I like Beyoncé and all, but Tina exudes ten times more raw sexuality and passion in one syllable than Beyoncé does in her entire performance. Hurricane Tina blows her away.

  10. Anonymous4:52 PM

    well fuck me.

  11. Anonymous4:21 AM

    I wonder what people would be saying about Tina Turner at age 69 if she hadn't had countless forms of cosmetic surgery? Probably nothing, since if that were the case, she would never have been invited to the Grammy Awards stage in the first place. At least not next to that little cupcake Beyonce.


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