Wednesday, February 20

Fidel Castro and Cindy McCain. Joined forever in my mind's eye....

This little clip cracked me up. Keep an eye on Cindy. Always keep an eye on Candy Cindy, my friends, heh heh.

The wink! The nod! The smirk! The excitement! She looks like a cruise travel agent with massive booking opportunities! Yay!

I would pay serious dough to see a picture of Fidel watching that clip. What he would say about Cindy. The pearls, the hair, the facelift, the seven fifteen hundred dollar suit. And isn't it smart of Saks to find a model who looks like her from a distance? Whaddya think of the whole Cindy package, Fidel?

"heh heh. Bourgeois Blondes are very very good to feed the revolution."

Folks? My friends? Did you ever wonder that the reason everyone is talking about what Michelle Obama thinks is because she can?


  1. The thing that got me most about his speech last night was that he now has the Bush Smirk down pat.

  2. Yes, but he also has the McCain forced personality, no speaking ability, and a temper barely restrained

    In a debate setting, his famous angry side will be easy to exploit.

  3. Damn, that outfit is actually called the "St. John"!

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  5. You know, I'm actually not sure how to feel about her.

    Her name is actually Cindy Lou (who??), she's an heiress, a rodeo queen (whatever that is), a cheerleader, and a sorority sister, she and McCain began their relationship while he was still with his first wife (the harlot!), she's stolen to feed her addiction to painkillers, and she apparently helped McCain hide some of the records of his participation with Keating.

    On the other hand, she has a master's in special education, she founded a non-profit medical organization (which is where she stole the drugs from), and I think the facial tightness is due to a stroke, not a facelift.

    That being said, she kind of creeps me out.

  6. Bet they aren't smirking tonight. No doubt you've heard about the NY Times article that reports that McCain's advisers during his 2000 run for the white house were concerned that he was having a romantic fling with a younger version of Cindy. Oh dear.

  7. always interested12:46 AM

    old bush for new, old bush for new...speech patterns--very similar--but how about that substance"!

  8. On the other hand, she has a master's in special education

    Trust me, that means nothing --I have one, too ...

  9. 'I can has glorious cultural upheaval with hawt rich dope fiend Yankee slave chicks?...Venceremos!'


  10. I think 8 years with a vacous, brain-dead first lady were enough thank you very much.


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