Tuesday, February 12

A badge of honor or just shoot me?

I did really, really well until the questions started looking like this:


  1. I got a B+ (89%).


  2. Right there with you.

    I had a 55%


  3. I R Stoopit.

    I guessed on 75% of'em. I'm lucky I can read Email....

  4. My job is internet web development, is it bad that I only got 89%? One was me being stupid, the other two were names, which I've never been good with...

  5. 48%

    I can't understand how I scored so HIGH.

    And could someone tell me how to get rid of the "North Carolina Personals" link below the quiz banner, please..?

  6. Whoa.... I got rid of it myself. Hard to believe.

  7. I passed...barely, with 62%. Um, and my job is systems analyst/IT "professional."

    Then again, I'm a political science graduate. Doing IT stuff was initially just a way to pay rent, bills, and tuition while I was living in the frozen north (Madison, Wisconsin).

    Still, I've always contended that very few IT people really know it all, and most of us are either dancing as fast as we can...or engaging in dueling acronyms when dealing with unpleasant folks...


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