Sunday, February 17

On the whole Obama cult thang...

Oh shut up.

There are people in this country who think their vote on American Idol counts more than their vote for President. It takes pizazz to get them out of the farking drive-through and off their stoopid Ipods long enough to cast a goddamn ballot. If they need to feel good for all the wrong reasons to vote for a Democrat, even a dishwater Democrat (yeah, I said it), then go with God and onward, activists.

Still, "Barack Obama is your new bicycle dot com" is pretty funny. Just click this link and then click the phrases to reload, to find all the reasons you should rilly rilly luuve Obama. My personal favorite, natch:


  1. Heheheheeeee!

    I was pretty stoked when I got an email that Obama is following me on Twitter. Who knew my life was that exciting?


  2. Haha! I liked the one about him making my voice his ringtone. Fun.


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