Thursday, December 1

Abortion stops a voting brain.


We've simply got to come to grips with this abortion issue. It is making good people vote stupid. The vast majority of Americans find abortion distasteful, troubling, and tragic and yet they do not want to overturn Roe. Extremely vocal minorities on both sides of the issue want to polarize us and make it seem there is no room for compromise. Planned Parenthood (and unfortunately the Democratic Party) equate any chink in the Roe armor as a disaster. Then this 20 year old Alito memo was released yesterday which makes them seem to be right.

Southern voters simply will not elect someone who is virulently pro-choice. That's it. (I know, Qwerty, I know.) So they vote stupid so they can go to bed at night knowing they didn't kill any babies today, except maybe in Iraq but that doesn't count. It also doesn't count that if those babies get born and grow up, those same anti-abortionist types will cross the street to avoid that kind of person (black, poor, raised in an unloving home, etc.).

Blue Gal thinks the Supreme Court is mindful of all this and of the revolution that would occur if Roe was completely overturned. Nina Totenberg of NPR said during the Roberts hearings that the worst thing that could happen to the Republican Party, with the exception of a military draft, would be the overturning of Roe. Middle of the road Americans (yep those who spend more time with Desperate Housewives than thinking about Roe v. Wade) would have to think about what ifs and their thirteen year old daughters. Not a pretty picture.

We also need to bite the bullet on contraception, as C. Everett Koop has so wisely pointed out. They pass it out on elephants in some countries. It's perfectly okay to wear your visible underwear to the office, e.g.:

cami fashion

which I got off the JC PENNEY website, not exactly Victoria's Secret, but it's not okay to show this on television:


When is America going to grow up? Figleaf has some smart things to say on this issue. So does Sideshow, who also gets points for her bra of the week feature. Very panty-esque.


  1. Though I prefer brunettes, the panty-esque blond is exceptional!

  2. I'm convinced that some of the fundies want girls to get pregnant and/or pick up sexually transmitted diseases as punishment for having sex. That's the reason they oppose access to comprehensive sex education and effective contraception. The rest of them just think sex is icky.

  3. I don't think RvW will ever be overturned, and I'll tell you why. If it is overturned, the Republicans will lose the hook that yanks their religious-right base into the voting booth. They are dependent on that issue to rally the troops, so to speak, and if they lose that, all they'll have is gay marriage, which alone won't be strong enough.

  4. If you're so pro-life, instead of guarding abortion clinics...lock arms and guard cemetaries.

    "She can't come in!"

    "She was eighty-seven! She's dead"

    "Nope. We're pro-life people. There will be no death on this planet!"

  5. I'm also reminded of another Bill Hicks routine...

    "I've decided to be as offensive as possible, so I've started smoking again AND performing abortions.

    Just scraping a uterus...Can I smoke around this thing? Oh wait, it's already dead."


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