Friday, December 2

Have a holly potty Christmas...

"Elsewhere, major retailers cheered the early results of the holiday shopping season, announcing that sales of totally useless items surged fifty percent." - Andy Borowitz

There was some union guy on Marketplace Morning Report this morning, who pointed out that the number one New Year's Resolution last year was not losing weight, but getting out of debt. The poor disappearing middle class can't make ends meet...yet a great many of those in Birmingham could use the following advice:

Stop decorating your bathroom for Christmas.


Blue Gal just can't believe the market for Christmas themed toilet seat covers. This is such an easy target, but really, folks. Americans have too much money or too much credit or something when stores carry this stuff and put it on the shelves.

BTW that explains where Scott McClellan has been from Nov 9 to the 27th. Decorating the bathrooms. He considered it a seasonal promotion.

Alright, enough huffiness. Most of you probably read it anyway, but Fafblog for Wednesday is laugh out loud. To my dear readers, have a weekend as lovely as you.


  1. Did they forget Christmas toilet paper?

  2. Toilet seat... easy target...

    Nah, no comment.

  3. Lordy, BG, where did you find that ugly thing? I need to know so I can avoid shopping there.

  4. Anonymous1:31 PM

    fafblog explained to me (finally) the Dear Leader's victory strategery. thanks for the link!

  5. So, I'm guessing the Santa sleigh and reindeer bathroom set I have is a bit over the top? Thank goodness I haven't put it out yet. Maybe I'll pass this year. ;)


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