Friday, January 20

False and misleading advertising

I love them. Image found on Fark.

Everyone knows the internet is made up of wackos and perverts. Some search engines just leave out porn searches from their statistics because, hey, what else is there? Falafel Sex and Rob Helpy-Chalk are only two of the bloggers who have noted their puzzlement over being found through sex searches.

Now it turns out Blue Gal (the blog, not the woman) is listed as an "Adult" website by Best of the Web Blog directory. You are reading "an intimate blog from a woman in Alabama." Remember all that intimacy when I told you my three year old got potty trained?

If you are here because of that mis-filing, welcome anyway. If you're here because you Googled "panties" again, you better bookmark me, 'cause the panties ain't going away.

But ya know, this works both ways. For a serious political analysis of the abortion issue I did a Google blog search on "abortion" and that's how I found Figleaf. Sure, he's got sexy peeny pictures on his blog, but he's also, imho, one of the best writers on all things sexual in the blogosphere. Correct spelling is sexy, people. (oh, maybe it's "pee-nee").

Blue Gal (the blog, not the woman) is personal, political, and sure, the woman's ego loves all the hits. But quickies from people looking for something else she doesn't need. Or does she? Have a nice weekend, folks. Intimate detail: AL and akabini, I will finish knitting my top-down cardi this weekend for Tacoma. xoxo

Tag: Hot Catholic Schoolgirls, coffee enemas, toe fetish, anal plugs.


  1. Tag: Hot Catholic Schoolgirls, coffee enemas, toe fetish, anal plugs.

    Well, I'm sold.


  2. You know what they say, one person's "intimate" is another person's kinky.

  3. Er... are the hot catholic schoolgirls naughty? There's not much point otherwise.

    By the way, you want some filth on your blog? In order to post this comment, I'm being required to type "ztuwsilx," and you know what that means.

  4. Thought this was the panties place!

  5. According to my site meter, lots of incest-horny web surfers get directed to my site. Something to do with the word "daddy" and the fact that I use the word "fucking" a lot in my screeds. I'm worried that if I switch to "darn," I'll get sewing circle members, and that could be troublesome.

  6. I love the Blue Gal and her intimate revelations about her panties fetish!


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