Monday, January 23

Jill Carroll - Something We Can Do


I've been trying to think of something all of us bloggers can do to show support for Jill Carroll.

I've been trying to follow her story this weekend but there is no news and that may be good news or bad. I pray it means her captors are simply waiting for an opportunity to safely, for them, release her.

Not surprisingly, the best source for calm, unbiased, straightforward reporting on her captivity comes from her own newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor. I was particularly impressed with this story, which highlighted, more than any other source I've found online, the support Jill has among Muslims, especially in Iraq. When Muslims support goodness in this world the mainstream media in the US all too often ignores it. It's an important angle and one often ignored by other sources.

So here is my idea. Tell your blog readers you support Jill Carroll and link to the Monitor, just like I did. That's it. Not too dramatic but drama is not what we need or want right now, no matter how much it might serve the interests of the 24/7 news universe.

Update: one reader had another good idea--to link to one of Jill's own articles.

A leader of Hamas called for her release today
. The Muslims are united on this. Amazing.

There are more updates, and some nice photos of Jill without the burka, here.

Much love to all the beautiful people coming from Crooks and Liars. If you want more of Blue Gal, click here. If you post a link for Jill, leave a comment below so we can all check you out.


  1. That rather makes you wonder about the unrelenting demonization of the Hamas, doesn't it?

  2. I once heard the Syrian Ambassador to the US speak at an International Community Council Meeting. He said the Israeli press is less biased against Arabs than is the US press. The flag waving, John Birch Society/KKK boys may wish to expand their reading lists before voting for another Bible thumping war monger who promises freedom while eroding our rights.

  3. A fine idea, BG. You can count on threadingwater.

  4. Done, Blue Gal. Thanks for taking the lead. I've included a long quote from you on this (with attrib, of course) cuz I can't say it any better.

  5. Thanks for this idea. Like Doug, I quoted at length, with attribution and a link.

  6. Hi, Blue Gal,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment. I had intended to let you know that I blogged about your idea and linked here, but I got distracted and forgot. Sorry.

    Anyway, I think it's a wonderful idea, so thanks again.

    Also, a friend of mine tried to comment here and said he couldn't because you don't allow anyone who isn't a blogger to comment. Is it because you don't allow anonymous comments? I have no clue about these things, but I thought I'd let you know. Here is a link to his comment at my place.

    I've been gone for a couple of days, so forgive me if you already know about this.

    Take care,


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