Monday, March 2

Yes, he has no banana.

I find it really amusing the whole "we want this to fail because it's a redistribution of wealth" meme from the conservatives this weekend. Americans don't buy it, and the "want it to fail" is desperation because conservatives know in their hearts that once Americans and American corporations have a reliable way to deliver health insurance through public financing of same, no one will ever go back to the tiny banana they've put up with all these years.

It's not "French," it's not "Socialist." It's security.

And as much as I love making fun of Rahm Emmanuel, the Chicagoan sure knows how to swing his yellow fruit: his "why should we subsidize HMO's and Big Oil?" on Face the Nation yesterday? I think you found your castrati, Mister Chief o' Staff.


  1. They really don't have any solutions, and I think we may finally have caught on when they offer up a "solution" that doesn't really solve anything - like the tax credits, wherein a year's worth of tax credits might, just might fu nd a month or so of medical insurance for a family or individual. Remember those? Bush and McCain both floated those. This bunch doesn't even seem to be giving it that much effort.

  2. Perfect comparison. The only Sunday news show I could watch was the one with Rahm. I love the guy and I'd bet anything the enormous sweating pill popping sex tourist who needs his viagra to get it up measures about half an inch. Rush is a bully and don't those guys always have tiny dicks?

  3. I don't live in the States so I'm spared some of the worst it has to offer, Like Rush Limbaugh. Watching that speech he gave to those howling conservatives I thought, he's really a bad speaker. Often he seemed to pause in the wrong place making awkward emphasis, a few times I thought he'd lost his place for a moment. Awful speaker. Maybe he's better on the radio; I've never had the pleasure.

  4. limbaugh is an ass but he's a dangerous ass now that most of the republicans are kissing his.

    his comparison between wanting obama to fail and the superbowl was stupid and callous.

    right now, politics is not a game to be played and who won the superbowl is squat compared to people losing everything they worked for!

    but limbaugh has his and that's all he cares about.

  5. Sorry, Mr. Limbaugh ...

    Why, whatever do you mean, Bluegal? ;)

    I'm still trying to figure out why it's only income redistribution when the income is distributed to the poor and middle class, so I may be missing a few other subtleties, as well.

  6. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Oh stupid no American TV channels! I will have to check for that online or something.

    I love Rahm Emmanuel. I was trying to make a gif w/ his head on Christopher Walken's head dancing to Weapon of Choice.

    But I suck at gifs.

    Love your graphic, BTW.


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