Tuesday, March 24

I hate deadlines, but...

Today at 5 Eastern is the deadline for submitting blog posts to Carnival of the Liberals. Details here.

Regarding Blog Against Theocracy, I'll be gearing up on that this weekend. The blogswarm is April 10-12. Please be reminded that the blogswarm is for posts in favor of separation of church and state. While posts entitled "Why I Hate God/Religion So Very Much" may be well-written (and if they are well-written you may want to submit them to Carnival of the Godless), they are off-topic for Blog Against Theocracy. Thanks.

Also not accepted as submissions by me anywhere ever, are posts related to "CH3AP M@ILING L1STS". What kind of f**knozzle spams a blogswarm?

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  1. i will be joining again this year. it's a very big issue to me.


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