Tuesday, June 28

Where is my Kindle? Where is my i-Phone?

Via Tosh.0


  1. Definitely stealing that to show to some 7th garders I know come September...

  2. Yea right on. Someone was birching about no coffee in the air pot @ work. I said yea try living in Japan near Fukishima right now.
    I mean there was coffee, water & a machine to make more.... put it in perspective.

    My kids used to whine @ me about what they wish they had.... I finally started zinging them back yea I wish I could go live in Hawaii, or whatever.... we are all deprived.

    But when they move out, they suddenly realize life does not automatically come with all the amenities parents had provided....

    toothpaste & laundry soap & toilet paper & such
    a roof over your head & food to eat- all cost so much!

  3. First world problems for us? Not for long if our Republican friends have their way.

  4. totally stole this. thanks Fran. fukin' kidz these days.

  5. Make that "graders."


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