Tuesday, October 18

Another Jobs Bill Email From My Congressman!

Congressman John Shimkus (R, Coal) poses with
beneficiaries of his "Coal Ash Deregulation Jobs Bill"

Yeah yeah, it's a photoshop.  Those kids were digging coal in 1938.  Nothing similar between that year and today whatsoever. 

And thank the Good Lord I got an email from Mr. Shimkus this morning letting me know that the House of Representatives is on the job, and the subject line of his email, I am not making this up, cut and paste:

5 Bipartisan Jobs Bills Pass the House

You betcha I opened that email.  Again, here's a direct, cut and paste quote, emphasis mine:

Last week's passage of legislation to ease the regulatory burdens on the boiler and coal ash industries as well as passage of Free Trade Agreements with Panama, Columbia and South Korea were a major, bipartisan victory for American workers and job creators. I'm exceptionally pleased with all five of these jobs bills and look forward to their speedy passage in the Senate. 

I also think Congressman Shimkus is being WAY too modest, not even mentioning all the abortion jobs bills the House is working on.  

I guess it's nice for his coal lobbying friends that he got their amendment passed and for now the EPA can't count coal ash as a hazardous waste.  I just wonder what kind of House of Representatives travel voucher my kids can get when their jobs bill employment moves them to South Korea.  

Update, 9:58 am:


  1. I know what those little rascals are getting in their Christmas stockings; and in their Halloween bags; and on their Thanksgiving dinner plates...

  2. The senate better kill House Resolution 2273, that's all I have to say. :o)

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Uh-oh, you're being followed. By a dim-wit.

    Let the truth slip out, you'll fry his feeble little brain with it.

  4. Did he really write that they'd passed a free trade agreement with "Columbia"? Is he referring to the record club in Terre Haute?

  5. I think he was referring to the Medellin Cartel,* qwerty.

    Following you on Twitter, BG?

    Rip his ears off!


    *Arguably the largest and most successful criminal enterprise in world history, at times the Medellín drug cartel was smuggling 15 tons of cocaine a day, worth more than half a billion dollars, into the United States. According to Roberto, Pablo's accountant, he and his brother's operation spent $2,500 a month just purchasing rubber bands to wrap the stacks of cash—and since they had more illegal money than they could deposit in the banks, they stored the bricks of cash in their warehouses, annually writing off 10% as "spoilage" when the rats crept in at night and nibbled on the hundred dollar bills.



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