Friday, October 28

Open Letter to the GOP Field - Take Bachmann Out.

Perhaps it's because she's doing so badly and you think you kinda need a woman, any woman, on your stage.

Saying that as she sits on the House Subcommittee on Intelligence and she is very concerned that Hezbollah might install missles or training sites in Cuba (no, really, video is at the link) is just one in a long line of embarrassing and insane statements on her part.

There was another candidate, someone who was doing well in Iowa, back in 1988, who tried to pull the crazy shit switch regarding Cuba.  His name was Pat Robertson.  He said early in the campaign that the Soviets still had missles in Cuba from back in the Kennedy days.

As an aside, Soviet missles would be Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Warheads with a minimum range of Cuba all the way to Bachmann's district in Minnesota. On the other hand, the longest range Hezbollah missles are 45 Km, which, may I remind Congressman Bachmann, is about a 36 minute drive from Walker to Park Rapids, if the weather is nice.

approximate range of Hezbollah missile if placed in Walker, Minnesota

To make a long story short, both Jack Kemp and George H.W. Bush called Pat Robertson on his BS, told him to provide proof of his crazy or shut up, and along with the mainstream media, forced Robertson out of the race in a matter of days. It was the responsible thing to do for country and party. But the party of responsibility is dead now, isn't it?

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  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    How come "party of responsibility" isn't in parentheses? It's obviously not to be taken seriously...

    They'd do well to heed your advice, not that they will, and not that I want them to do well either!


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