Wednesday, August 19

Hillary Clinton IS Fidel Castro

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Seriously, the US Government tried to kill Fidel Castro so many times, many of us finally just gave him a pass for being a Survivor.

It's the same with Hillary.  Enough already.  The GOP has fake-scandaled this woman beyond belief.  Republicans cry, but the wolf isn't there.

Hillary could pick sides on the Meek versus Drake thingy and it wouldn't matter.

She could have an affair with anyone other than Bill Cosby and it wouldn't matter.

I do not care if her name is on the Ashley Madison dump.

Or if she has fetal baby parts yogurt for breakfast.

Go ahead, make some more stuff up.   If she's elected, we'll have eight years of conservative white noise.  That's all it is anymore.  Enough.


  1. You still rock lady! This made my morning.

  2. Paul Bibbeau at Goblinbooks has Conspiracy Theory Hillary as a new theme. I really enjoy his writing. This is the first of them.


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