Friday, August 28

Ep 299 The Professional Left Podcast

Donald Trump Ratings

Links for this episode:

Donald Trump tells a truth about the media
Black Lives Matter - Campaign Zero and one kind critique
Rand Paul whitesplains to BLM again.
Joe Scarborough claims Hillary timed her press conference with shooting
Mark Halperin false equivalency on “terror” comments
Sununu’s son out at Boston Globe due to $750K conflict of interest
Victory with Labor Relations Board

Ray Bradbury’s FBI File.
Neil Gaiman:  Science Fiction in China

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Your comments about nativism and "Go back to Mexico!" remind me of what I've been recently remembering of the '90's, when "Go back to Russia!" was all the rage.

    What's fascinating, is "Go back to Russia!" was a common insult against LGBT people when we rallied. I heard many fλmily (since we're talking 90's) mention that they were told to go back to Russia. I personally witnessed a lesbian couple be told to go back to Russia. You can imagine how well a young Italian lesbian reacted to being told something so stupid, but it started with "I'm a fucking Italian, you goddamned moron!" before her girlfriend grabbed her with both arms and pulled her back.

    While I was saddened that I was never personally told to go back to Russia, I did have one redneck shout at me to go back to my own country.

    "I was born in Georgia."

    "Well, then go back there!"

    "You do realize that Georgia is the next state to the north, right? And it was one of the original 13 colonies?"

    "Well, go back to where your parents are from!"

    "I'm third generation American. My grandparents were all born here."

    At which point he just shook his head and walked away.

    It really gets back to "Real American". A Real American is a "traditional" (white) landowner who embraces the Calvanist view that those of lesser station need to learn the important lessons of humility and servitude that being a woman or black or brown will teach you. Of course, white males don't have to learn these lessons, by God's grace. Anyone who doesn't fit into this is obviously foreign.



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