Wednesday, September 2

Speaking of Sex....

Star Wars Episode Four, A New Hope provides many important life-lessons:

"See, son, the pee-nee shaped x-wing fighter?" I mean, seriously, what's the head on that thing for? Armor? Feh.

"Well, it goes barreling into this dark narrow cavern-like tunnel. The pee-nee ship's job is to shoot a little thingy so that it will penetrate the large spherical Death Star. Watch Luke grunt a little sigh when he shoots his little thingy successfully." Really folks, you need to watch the scene in this context. I am not making this up.

"Then a 'chain reaction' occurs. The big sphere ultimately bursts into a thousand points of light, and all the good guys jump for joy!"

And that is where babies come from.


recycled from a 2006 post.  

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