Friday, February 3

Ep 374 The Professional Left Podcast

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Newsweek:  Neil Buchanan:  Who are the Inexcusables Who Let Trump Win?  

Daily Beast:  Lewis Wallace Stood Up for Journalism. It Cost Him His Job..

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  1. Can you share the list of Bible verses that aren't really in the Bible?

  2. Hi Bluegal,

    Just a point about Australia's immigration policies, which you characterised as a total ban. Sorry, you are quite wrong on that. Australia has a massive immigration program, larger than the US relative to population size. It's so large that the consequent population increase is putting a strain on our under-funded, aging infrastructure.

    What Australian governments have taken a hard line on is unauthorised arrivals by boat. These are the people who wind up in the offshore detention camps. This allows governments to appear 'tough on immigration', while at the same time running what is probably the largest immigration program (per capita) in the western world.

    1. Thanks Geofferoo. The coverage of those detention camps in the states portrays them as inhumane. And the argument made here is that Mexicans (and anyone not rich enough to buy a 150000$ special visa) are not welcome to use our under-funded aging infrastructure. But I do appreciate the distinction between all immigrants and those arriving by boat without authorization, given Australia's geography, and the government's desire to "appear tough on immigration." That's a constant in every comparatively wealthy nation. Thanks much!


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