Friday, February 24

Ep 377 The Professional Left Podcast

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@flat Rodney Davis (our cardboard congressman)

Wonkette on Melania reading The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer and how to say it (via Matthew 6)

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  1. Aaah, the forgiveness thing again.

    We all know (or are) someone who grew up with (or dated or married)someone who gave love conditionally. Eventually, it is understood that conditional love isn't love at all.

    In my world, the same is true of forgiveness. I interpret the "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors" part of the LP in the collective: as above, so below. Lord, help us in our unforgiveness, for the pride that keeps us from forgiving is the same pride that prevents us from fully receiving God's forgiveness. If we can fully receive God's forgiveness, forgiving others happens like breathing.

    Does that mean your forgiveness sets you up for more abuse? No. Love is powerful and if you know those you've forgiven won't change, be powerful in your response.

  2. Please consider the possibility that Trump, not Putin, was the driver of the relationship. Motive, method, and opportunity are all there. Trump has sold properties to Putin's associates. Russian oligarchs are invested in Trump's SoHo property and, I suspect, many others. During the campaign, Trump flattered Putin more than Putin flattered Trump. This better explains Trump's notorious rally speech in which he called on Russian hackers to reveal Hillary's e-mails. Trump surely knew about Russian cyberwar capabilities well before that speech. We mustn't underestimate Trump just because of his nutty Tweets. Psychopaths can be good calculators and planners.


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