Sunday, August 27

Blue Gal's Sunday Pimp Festival
- Pluto Edition

Hey Jenny Slater
has a great clip from the chat room of the stars planets.

Fried Green al-Qaeda's
Pluto finds the (ir)relevance.

has the "Pluto is a Planet" contest. (h/t Omnipotent Poobah)

Oh, crap. Remember I thought the CIA was reading Blue Gal from Reston, Virginia? Well, guess what else is based there? Pluto Today, that's what.

I'll never regret the CIA panties. Never.

Don't forget, kids, we're all blogging Katrina tomorrow.


  1. is that brad pitt? or is it wishful thinking? :)

  2. I was down there last year and a few weeks ago- it's still a huge mess in many places. I find it very unfortunate that NO has become largely forgotten in the general public conscience.

  3. betmo you're a stronger gal than I. I couldn't handle Brad as a pimp.

  4. Heeey, where did you find that picture of me.

    I always have been a snappy dresser.

    Oh, and thanks for the mention.

  5. Prairie Angel ( pointed me to this one:

    "Why is everyone afraid to say it? We lost TWELVE PERCENT of our planets under the Bush administration!"

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    If you're curious about an astronomer's take on all this, I have posted my opinion twice now on my blog (once when they said Pluto would be a planet, then again when they said it wasn't):

    It's a planet!

    Opps! No it's not.


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