Monday, August 14

Statement from Alabama's Next Governor...


I wish...

What if every Democrat in this country sounded like this?

"I am Loretta Nall, the Libertarian party candidate for Governor. As a Libertarian I believe that only defense is legitimate and since the Iraq war is not a defensive war it is both illegal and immoral. If elected Governor of Alabama I will immediately call for the withdrawal of Alabama National Guard troops and I will be a vocal advocate for the immediate withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq. You should be wary of candidates who support the war or fail to call for immediate withdrawal of our troops. Remember that they do not have children fighting there." (link)

She also said this...

Do [I] support the rights of gay people to marry? Yes, I do. Nothing in the Constitution gives the government the power to define marriage or to say who can marry and who cannot. Marriage licenses were not a requirement until after the end of slavery and were [then] only implemented to prevent interracial marriage. I do not want the government in my bedroom and I do not want the government in your bedroom... If elected Governor of Alabama I will veto any ban on gay marriage. (link)

If we Progressives are going to reject candidates like Lieberman for their collusion with the Bush administration, and I think we should, then we must also hold our own party accountable. Democratic candidates in Alabama consistently run "Republican lite" campaigns in the belief that they can't do any better. I don't think that's true. We can do better this year. I'm voting for Loretta not because I agree with everything she espouses, but because I think she's absolutely right on two of the most important issues facing us: the war and civil rights.

If MSM wants to paint that as radicalizing the Democratic Party, so be it. We're in an immoral and unjust war, the US Constitution is getting pissed upon by the White House on a regular basis, and there is no domestic agenda in this country whatsoever. As Loretta's campaign slogan puts it, "It's just common sense."


  1. I say Down With Republicans and Down With Panties Too!

  2. why the right has any business telling the left how to behave- is completely beyond me. first- they are the right- not the left. if the left wants to move back to the center left instead of repub lite- then let's go. second- it is a wee bit hypocritical of a party that has been hijacked by it's radical neo con fringe to have any say whatsoever about anything related to centrism. that's my morning pre-coffee rant- and i am sticking to it. rock on loretta!

  3. I, too, find it most amusing when right-wingers tell Democrats how to behave, and for whom they should vote. They're just pushing their one-aprty state agenda. I don't, however, find it amusing when Democrats LISTEN...

    Libertarians like this make sense, on the war and on gay marraige, until they start talking about other issues from a Libertarian perspective. I like her idea on recalling her state's National Guard, but that's really all she could do: try it. Once the Guard has been "nationalized," I'm not sure she could pull it off (I don't know: just asking). Plus, an anti-war stance by any state's governor isn't going to end the war.

    For example, Libertarians have consistently stood for the elimination of public education, and toward the privatization of the schools. As long as this is the party's view on things, I couldn't support a Libertarian for dog catcher.

    Democrats need to be Wellstone-ized. They need to return to their radical McGovern / McCarthy roots, not run from them. Most Americans are there already, when it comes to economic issues.

  4. "*party* state agenda." Duh.

  5. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Thank heavens the repugs haven't put any new moves into their play book. This is same ol' same ol', and the meme is becoming increasingly more impotent.

    I'm looking forward to the electoral revolution in November, but I'm fearful of another massive voter fraud, too.

  6. I have written extensively about the rightward movement in US politics on my own Canadian-based blog Friendly Neighbour. And I agree wholeheartedly that the Democratic response to the Repubs swift rightward movement has been to move to the right themselves. It's like watching a tug-of-war between the Incredible Hulk and Betty Boop.
    In a recent post for my new team blog Les Enragés (Thanks for blogrolling us Blue Gal) I expressed it like this: "The American Eagle will never fly again with two right wings. It's just aerodynamically impossible."

  7. >For example, Libertarians have consistently stood for the elimination of public education, and toward the privatization of the schools. As long as this is the party's view on things, I couldn't support a Libertarian for dog catcher<

    But why do Democrats support public school when it isn't working in Alabama? I am not opposed to public education. I am a product of public education. What I oppose is the federal government social doctrine that is forced on public school teachers. I don't think kids should have to pee in cups or be forced to say the pledge. I think they should be taught REAL history and a million other things.

    Since the feds only give us 6% of our education budget they should really have almost NO SAY in what or how we teach our kids. They don't know our kids.

    My education platform states that we will opt out of No Child Left Behind and I have yet to meet a public school teacher that didn't almost kiss me when I stated that. They HATE it and with very good reason.

    I wouldn't seek to close public schools but I would seek to severely limit the federal government influence. It should be just as easy and convenient to send your child to private school or to homeschool them if that is what you choose as a parent.

  8. Anonymous2:42 PM

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  9. Oooh kaay. That's really nice anonymous. Thanks for sharing.

    A better idea! Spend that 35 thousand at my Cafepress store! Ten percent, that's $350.00 US, will go to EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to protect the rights of anonymouses everywhere.

  10. I certainly appreciate Ms. Nall responding to my comment. She had me going, too, right up to the very end. I agree with her comments regarding federal control over education. I despise NCLB, as a parent and as a teacher. If she were to come up to the Garden State, I'd have a smoochie for her, too.


    No, please don't take my tax money and give it to parents who choose to send their children to segregated (by religion, by race, by able-ness) private schools. Don't divert resources from my town's school budget (and from the budget upon which I draw to run my public school classroom), funded by everybody's tax dollars, to fund private schools, or to subsidize someone's choice to home-school. If you want to opt-out of "government schools," feel free. But not on my dime. We need all the money we can get, and we need to do a lot better with it than what we're doing now.

    Good luck. If nothing else, I'd love to see someone from outside of the Big One-And-A-Half parties win something big.

  11. Quaker Dave, I've met Ms. Nall personally and she's quality. I disagree with her and the Libertarians on a number of issues (like you, I could kiss her for opposing NCLB. Isn't it interesting no one asked teachers?) but you have no idea just how badly Alabama needs shaking up. That's another reason I support her. She's gutsy, and will shake up this state.

  12. May God bless America, Loretta Nall, and all who will support her in Alabama by writing in her name for Governor of Alabama when they vote in November.

  13. Shake away, Ms. Nall. If Blue Gal says you're quality, I'm there with you. In spirit, at least.

    Glad to see that I'm not the only one why received Mr. Anonymous's slightly weird "comment." The version sent to me, however, contained a series of horrible, nasty anti-Semitic and anti-black slurs. Which is why my copy got deleted. Hey, gutless: next time, atleast tell us your name.


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