Sunday, August 13

Happy Birthday Fidel Castro

Remembering his birthday (as if that is an endorsement of him) pissed off a right wing reader last year so I hadda do it again. Something about why not remember Pol Pot's b-day too? (May 19. Hitler's? April 20. Fuck off.) But since overthrowing Fidel and family would primarily benefit the trust fund of Paris Hilton, I don't feel too guilty.


  1. You may enjoy David Rovics' song about tradin with the enemy, describing a visit to Cuba...'s free, he wants the word out. It's catchy. And it's refreshingly sane.

  2. Laugh-out-loud funny.

    And thanks for the link to the song. very cool.

  3. One of my friends lost good friends during Bay of Pigs. He feels the same way towards the rich Batista mobsters who ran Cuba before Fidel.

  4. It almost crossed my mind this morning to ask myself if anyone would do a birthday post for Uncle Fidel.

    I said "almost" because the idea was just too far-fetched.

    I'll know better than to underestimate you in the future! :-)

  5. I think you mean misunderestimate me.


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