Wednesday, January 31

UPDATE: Molly Ivins 1944-2007

All the more reason for people to... light a candle for Molly Ivins, too.

In addition, Molly's paper The Texas Observer has a thread where you can leave a message for Molly.
is dedicating the next few days to her memory.

I certainly still wish that brave, funny, inspirational woman well. Kick that cancer in the ass Heaven just got way more interestin', Molly. We loved you and will miss you terribly.


  1. i admire her so much, always have.

  2. I just saw the news that she's passed away. More details here:

  3. Molly Ivins and Ann Richards in heaven... gosh I hope I get to go there some day, too.

    I had the good fortune to hear Molly speak a couple of times, and I have always remembered one of her stories on church-state separation. It seems the Texas state legislature had decided to place a nativity scene in the capitol rotunda. Calling around the government offices for a comment, the only person Molly could get on the phone was then-state treasure Ann Richards.

    When asked to comment on whether or not it was appropriate to have the nativity scene in the capitol Richards responded: "Gee Molly, I'd hate to see it taken out ... it might be our only chance to get three wise men in that building!"

    I hope they are having a great time tonight!


  4. So where will we find someone to fill this void?

    Man, I am going to miss her.

  5. "So where will we find someone to fill this void?"

    Sadly, there isn't anyone, at least not right now. She was Texas' answer to HL Mencken, only funnier and less bitter. I met her several times and was always tounge-tied and stupid as she patiently looked down at me (she was REAL tall, particularly in boots) gibbering about how she had inspired me to write about politics. I expect she took pity on me as some sort of wandering idiot who had slipped past security. Her passing is even more tragic now, as we desperately need someone to look at the sick, sorry state of Texas politics and make us laugh so we don't spend all out time crying.

  6. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Barbara Jordan, Ann Richards and now Molly. If there is a hereafter, the proprietors are going to have their hands full with those three.


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