Monday, January 29

Remember this comment next year at Koufax time


Best comment I've read all year.

from TBogg:

K-Lo held court on this panel as if she were having a Princess Sparkle Pony pajama party theme. It was very frightening and I felt soiled afterward. Mona Charon said things would get better if there were an organized effort to get conservative comics to tell eveyone how cool they were. Seriously.
LanceThruster | 01.28.07 - 6:06 pm | #

Kay back and forth on this photo with another blogger and a really weird and provocative question: How many of the five above have had abortions? I would guess two. Anyone else wanna comment? And we know who virginity chose so let's not get into that.


A special shout out to Omnipotent Poobah for finding this story and his special allegations linking this blog to the perp.

The cop wants the perp to let the authorities (?) know if someone leaving new underpants around town is a practical joke or an actual crime. He is, um, unclear on the concept.

But OP gets it. If you've got a panties crime I wanna be linked to it. And thanks.


  1. My pleasure, wear the linky panties in good health.

  2. you're serious, aren't you?

    off of a post whose sole punchline is that someone thinks these women are ugly, that's the best comment?

    whiskey, tango, foxtrot.

  3. I liked the comment because of the Sparklepony comment and also the subliminal wish of Mona that somehow Jon Stewart would pay attention to her.

    And I liked that apparently, Lance Thruster listened to the whole sad C-Span episode.

  4. I could see the brainstorming session to find an a-list conservative comics to shill for the GOP.

    Foxworthy? Uh, if your punchlines have become punchlines, you might have jumped the shark...Larry the Cable Guy? No, that movie of his caused illiteracy...Wait, wait, Carlos Mencia, he makes fun of minorities. Oh, but he is a minority. Poop.

  5. SherryP - Yes. Thruster. LanceThruster.

  6. So much for my theory that these harpies are in storage inthe Props Department from Lost in Space.




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