Tuesday, January 30

The sexiest picture you'll ever see of BG...

Yes those are my fingers and that sweater has a gobzillion color changes, predominantly blue. Yes I'm knitting with both hands and the back looks as good as the front. Get over it. I'll wear the Blue Gal sweater next year to Madrona in Tacoma, February 14-17. (Many thanks to my good twin for the pic.)

Many thanks to Mr. Blue Gal for taking good care of our kids and funding my once a year run-away from home. I don't think Queen Victoria enshrined Albert's shaving kit as well as my dear husband enshrined our dirty clothes hamper, though. Completely untouched for the entire time I was gone. But all three kids were still alive and kicking when I got home, and I get to go again next year. That's pretty much all I ask. Thanks, honey. xoxoxo

And to my readers, I promise no more knitting posts for quite a while. Spending time at the needles is just to sharpen my snark, promise. xo to you, too.


  1. Well, personally, I don't think there's anything much sexier than a pair of hands busy at work making something out of other somethings.

    But then... ...I got to fondle yarn with you, so I *did* see more than hands...

  2. As a fellow knitter (fair isle/intarsia is way beyond me, though!), I think that's teh hawtness. ;) Nice work!


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