Tuesday, May 22

Chat with Manila Ryce.

Manila: hello lady

me: hello.
thanks for the linky love.

Manila: no prob
i might not be around much longer though
fox and the pentagon are both after me

me: what happened.

Manila: you read this one yet?

me: Geez.
They seem busy there at the pentagon.
"seem" being the operative word.

Manila: apparently they got to monkey muck through my site

me: huh.

Manila: i'm flattered

me: I'll have to check my stats and post some military panties.

Manila: no doubt

me: at least I can link to monkeymuck.
You know I linked to them Sunday, too.
lots of attention there!
I haven't checked this out yet
but Shunra sent it
Hilary on the BoD of walmart?

Manila: interesting
so that's why she praised wal-mart during the last debate

me: You can take the politician out of Arkansas...

Manila: so aside from the pentagon, my two simpsons videos were pulled from youtube
so fox is after me too

me: you are just Mr. Stud Muffin Popular!

Manila: if i stop posting, it's because gitmo doesn't have internet

me: pfffft.
You will look really sexy in an orange jumpsuit.

Manila: i actually would

me: yeah. I know.

Manila: orange is good on me

me: you're an autumn.

Manila: even if it is urine and bloodsoaked

me: Of course, you can't get your colors done at gitmo either.
I'm going to post this chat, btw.
It's too funny.

Manila: don't worry. i'm sure it's already being transcribed
monkey muck wants to share a cell with me

me: I'll bet.

Manila: who wouldn't?

me: He can throw feces for the guards.
it's a two for one!

Manila: if he learns how to electrocute genitals too they might give him a job there.

me: you might have to feed him extra monkey chow for that
I wonder if there is an application online for Gitmo guard.

Manila: why not? apparently there's an application for al-qaeda. that's what they're using against padilla

me: yeah. I don't see why not.

Manila: turn-ons: burqas and suicide
turn-offs: freedom

me: don't forget bad breath.
and guards who don't listen.
gotta go but I'll post first.
love on ya.

Manila: okay. i gotta go workout. if i'm going to gitmo to be stripped naked in front of everyone i want to look my best
i'm sure there will be plenty love on me there
but thanks


  1. That is some funny stuff, no wonder my ears were burning.
    I have a sinking feeling I'll be Manila's bee-otch in our little cell.

  2. It's pretty much solitary confinement Dr. Monkerstein, but I'll be sure to cut out a glory hole. They say it's all the same when the lights are off, or when there's a bag over your head.

  3. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I think it is just another crawler. I've had the Pentagon, the DOJ, and the Senate Sargeant at Arms at MPS drop by for about a year now.



  4. I am so lost.


  5. @Tengrain
    I like to think they're merely bored employees enjoying our wonderful work in between porn searches. They're probably loving the shout-out.

  6. Dang it, why do I ALWAYS have to wear the bag?

  7. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Manilla -

    If so, I just got the Sargeant at Arms fired.




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