Friday, May 18

This is the funniest MSM I've read in weeks.

Share Our Joy by Larry Doyle in the latest New Yorker.

I swear by the time I got to "the ceremony" I was having a hard time breathing. And that's the hardcopy, the online version has links. Geez.


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    UHHH... WHAT?

    Way to early for me to appricate this article.


  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    And the beloved rednecks in my family thought the sitdown luncheon at a conference center instead of the sandwich platter buffet at the firehouse was over the top.

    At least I didn't involve llamas.

  3. The article was great BG. The links for the online article made it even funnier. You have to check out the website.

  4. soooo...are they making fun of fatuous idiots who mock sacred Indian sites or are they just making fun of sacred Indian sites? I'm afraid the meta-humor may be beyond my limited capacity for understanding.


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