Sunday, May 6

Happy Birthday, David Stephenson


Yeah, his blog is still under (re)construction, but he's been kinda busy.

Of course, like JFK before him, now that

Blue Gal.
has sung.
happy birthday.
to him.

he can just retire from public life.

Birthday Boy David S. sent me a terrific poem (perfect for the Christian lefty blogger) and I'll post it later on...

SO...the rest of you (believe me, it's gonna take Birthday Boy a day or two to recover)...

What do you think of this feature?

Do you think a Blue Gal Podcast would work as well as a vlog? I'm considering that, too. Particularly since it works today, rather than waiting for my Model-T laptop to be brought up to 2007 standards. Turns out I'm pushing this old laptop as far as it can go, and vlogging is out without a new laptop.

Another advantage of the audio thang is, I wouldn't have to change out of my bathrobe or put on eyeliner to blog--something that was kinda worrying me.

If you listen very carefully at the end you can hear a "boink" sound.... that's 4yo playing an electronic game on the other side of the room. Gotta record solo from now on.


  1. Anonymous6:48 AM


  2. Anonymous7:14 AM

    You gave Marilyn a run for her money there, Blue Gal.

    Every parent knows the heightened awareness of a 4YO in the other room, threatening to barge in at any moment, just adds zest to the melange. No apologies necessary.

  3. wow! this is a great thing.

    really cool.

  4. Stony, long-time readers of BG know that anyone who can use "zest to the melange" in a comment is invited to the afterparty. Just saying.

  5. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I love the podcast idea. You should run with it.

  6. Now you have to sing "Happy Birthday" to everyone on your blogroll, or there's going to be some hurt feelings out there.

  7. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I think the best thing you could do is change from Blogger to a more stable platform with richer features.

    WoodPress is used my many bloggers but there are so many better choices than Blogger


  8. Exceptionally good idea! I'd leave the "boink" feature in all podcasts. Not only can it become a form of "Blue Gal" branding, but demonstrates family participation.

    By the way, BG, awesome voice.

  9. Personally, I think audio podcasts are better in many respects than video podcasts or vlogs. First of all, unless you have the skills, time and money to devote to a video production it's a a bit of a waste. You're not using the full power of video to convey a message; you're just a talking head. Secondly, even though it's nice to have a face to associate with a voice, I'm a bit old-fashioned in that I think radio (and I do consider audio podcasts children of radio) is more intimate. Especially if you listen through headphones. You have the podcaster's voice right there inside your head. There's also the advantage that your listener isn't tied to a screen like they would be with a video production. They can get up, walk around, do housework, etc. and not have to worry about keeping their eyes on you.

    For what it's worth, you have a nice voice, you're articulate and intelligent. I think you'd do well with an audio podcast.

  10. wow, that was fabulous! your voice is great--articulate and sexy!

    i agree with neural gourmet about the talking head thing too. makes sense.

  11. Anonymous10:48 AM

    BG -

    Nice job! Makes me want to put on a pillbox hat and glare at someone.


  12. That was Fantasterrrrriffic! Even though the audio portion of my website is composed of two paper cups and piece of string, your rendition of the Happy Birthday Song© came through in style! Thank you for that bit of morning

    As far as the question of Podcast or vlog, I am inclined to say the same thing that I say when I am offered a choice of pecan pie with whipped cream or chocolate mousse tort - Why not both!?!?

    to Anonymous 9:49 AM, please - oh, pleeeeeze tell me again about how blind brand loyalty is such an important part of your exciting lifestyle that you felt compelled to fill your entire comment with an advertisement for your favorite product. Yippee! You know, when I think of stable platforms and richer features - I just get all happy and peppy inside, and just want to tell the whole world! Go on, tell us that Macs© are better than PCs©, and that Firefox© is better than Netscape© which is better than Internet Explorer©, and that Cheerios© are better than Grape Nuts©, and that Cialis© is better than Viagra©.

    There is nothing I like better in the morning is having somebody tell me that the only message that they have to tell me is that my particular choice of a brand name item is inferior. I just love to be told that some unknown, anonymous person knows so much more than me about a subject as important as brand loyalty!

    I'm sorry, that was probably uncalled for, but I have heard so many people in the last few days lecture me about their own version of brand loyalty that I had to say something. I mean, really people, do you want to go through life shilling for some corporation? It has been my experience that when you weigh the differences between two products, they usually both suck to some degree.

    Don't be a dummy, be a smarty, come and join the (insert mindless loyalty here) party!

    Tengrain, you crack me up!

  13. ... oh man ... I was gonna say that melange thing ...

    Love the rendition BG ... great new feature!


  14. you sounded really nice-keep doing em

  15. I'm a big believer in the podcast, but if you want to get more traffic, nothing beats YouTube.

  16. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Thank you, Ma'am, may I have another.

  17. Zaius, I hear you, but be aware that OG is Organic George, who is not anonymous, he's just had Blogger issues.

    And those who think I should switch from Blogger? I will not switch before Jesus' General does. That is my final answer.

    I actually like how Blogger integrates with Gmail. Sue me.

    Finally, thanks everybody. (Except you Cunning you just crossed the line a wee bit but you're welcome back you just hafta behave.) This podcast idea is not about increasing traffic, so YouTube might be nice, but my thinking is much more along the lines of Neural's. It might be cool, but way time consuming. Twenty minutes a week is what I'm thinking to start. All the comments here much appreciated.

  18. Anonymous10:33 PM

    OK, it's official, I'm an e-tard! Sorry Gal, I just got so excited when I figured out how to work the pod-thingie that I lost my moral compass!

    But seriously, your voice will do nicely for podcasting. Good luck with this!

  19. Anonymous11:41 PM

    I'm with neuralgourmet. There's something about listening that has it's own attentiveness.

  20. You have The Voice, you know. The Voice, big time.

    As far as I'm concerned, read us the phone book - I'm listening. (Political commentary is even better, of course...)

  21. My apologies to Organic George. I was really directing my brand loyalty© rant at all of the people out there that feel that it is important for me to know their taste in items like computers, motor oil, shaving products and email. Arggh!

    4 out 5 dentists are probably Crest© toothpaste shill zombies for a reason. ( $ )

    And I still think that it would be nice to have a slice of both the pecan pie© with whipped cream© and the chocolate mousse tort© - With coffee, and any additional product© of your choice.

  22. Wow -- that Stephenson guy must really be incredible to merit the BG/Marilyn treatment.

    For my two cents worth, I'd suggest a different format for the podcast, tho I could just listen to you read the phone book. Perhaps you might do it as a series of extended interviews.

    PS: Thanks so much! You made my day....


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