Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day

To all the dads and those who show a father's love (the universe has much need of you too whether you have children of your own or not).

My dad is an artist and to honor him let me show you some of his work that appeared at the Mattress Factory gallery a while back.

Happy Father's Day to you too, Dad.


  1. that's cool...what a great way to tribute your father by exhibiting what he does.

  2. Your father is extremely talented. Kudos for posting these.

  3. i think i remember looking this up when it was there.

    like a lot of native pittsburghers, i rarely go to the things that are in my own city.

    i was in my late 20's maybe early 30's before i rode the incline!

    i do go to the zoo tho, only have to cross 1 bridge to get there! : )

    your dad is a really talented man.

  4. Blue Gal,

    Your father seems so talented.

    You noticed that you and I read the same blogs when you checked out my new blog, well that is easily explained by the fact that I found many of them through your blog. Thanx for the welcome.

  5. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Beautiful tribute to a talented man, BG. It's fitting for a woman of your class.

    And as a father of two beautiful daughters, I thank you for the well-wishes.

  6. Wow! Way to go B.G.

    All the best to your Father on this day.


  7. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Thanks for sharing your father's art with us today. Very cool.

    Love the new masthead!

  8. Your dad's stuff is great, and what a great gift to give him! I love the new picture and the Gandhi reference. You still rock.

  9. "those who show a father's love (the universe has much need of you too whether you have children of your own or not)"

    This is beautifully put, practically made me cry. Father's Day is always really weird for my kids, whose dad has chosen not to be active in their lives. What a nice way of honoring the various men who HAVE stepped up to the plate for them in different ways! You rock, BG (and your Dad's stuff is cool!)

  10. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Thanx Foo-Foo


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