Monday, June 25

Housekeeping? hah.

Hey, if there's a clear path to the computer? We're good.

Two things.

Salon tonight, 9 PM Eastern. I'm even posting the URL right this minute, so you can go get ready and know the invite is sitting next to your car keys:

Don't forget that in order for that link to work, you have to download skype, but you don't need a headset or any skype equipment. It's live chat with Blue Gal and a group of people more fascinating than she deserves to have at her house.

Secondly, as I've said before, we're doing another blogswarm against theocracy July 1-4.

One thing I accomplished this weekend, in addition to folding six loads of wash and helping my three year old recover from a double nosebleed injury, was to work out the bugs so that blogswarm participants will be able to email their blogswarm posts and they will appear directly on the BAT website.

While I will still be responsible for cleaning off any spam, this should make this blogswarm much more efficient and easier for me. Details will be posted at BAT or send me email if you want to be on the BAT mail list. (If you got an email from blogagainsttheocracy this morning then you're already on it.)


  1. Gee, BG - how'd you get your camera into my house?

  2. ¿Another B.A.T.?


    Thees ees sometheeng wheech needs some publicity, no?


  3. Wow! When did you clean up the place? It looks great!

  4. Sorry, Alicia, but that's my coconut peeking up there. That is definitely my space.

  5. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I'm such an ENT nerd. I wanted to hear more about the nosebleed.

  6. If you look closely enough, you can see the lower levels being pressed into shale.


  7. i like this photo a lot.

    i think hoffa might be behind one of those stacks.

  8. is all ery neatly piled- and they piles have not even fallen over.....but the coffee cup might be camaflouged and that isn't good ;-(

    I am sorry about the little's nosebleed...

  9. I don't remember you being in my office with your camera.

    Oh, did you find my good coffee mug while you were in there???

  10. Wow, this may be the sexiest photo you've ever posted.


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