Friday, March 19

Driftglass and Blue Gal Podcast

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  1. If you listened to the M$M they'd convince you that America is a center-right country politically, with somewhere between 70 and 80% of its citizens living on the far-left fringe of the political spectrum. How does that work anyway?

  2. StonyPillow10:52 AM

    Just because it's both fun and enjoyable doesn't make it a sin. And boom-shakalaka is just fine with me.

  3. I haven't head that particular Rove interview yet. In general, NPR is staffed by polite, well-educated people who are reluctant to call out liars. Under Bush, Rove waged a campaign to make PBS and NPR far right. They've been pretty timid ever since. In terms of varying one's game, I think the more important thing is to research anyone you're interviewing very well. If the person is a bullshitter, it's essential to "study tape" and see what specific bullshitting arguments and techniques they use. I wrote a post on some of Rove's moves once, but his major strategy is what you say – to completely challenge the framework and present his own. He also likes to take great umbrage at accurate statements and attack a straw man in response. For instance, when Charlie Rose asked Rove whether moving forces to Iraq hurt efforts in Afghanistan, Rove faked outrage that Rose was insulting the brave men and women fighting in Afghanistan – when of course Rose's question was about the Bush administration's decisions. Rose is pretty good with filmmakers, actors and artists, but he let Rove walk all over him, as he usually does with dishonest political figures. In the clip of Rove against Plouffe on C&L, Rove monopolized all the time.

    I'm with you on the half-magic game thing, too. I have an unfinished post to complete on that now, haha...


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